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Focus on your business. We'll focus on your technology.

Your business already faces enough challenges. Finding reliable, qualified help to keep you up and running shouldn’t be one of them. CSS Managed Services for JD Edwards provides instant access to the industry knowledge and technical skills you need to run your business. Point. Click. Problem solved.

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The Managed Services Advantage

From Manufacturing to Mobility, from CNC to Sales Order Entry, our team can handle almost any situation. Unlike other providers, CSS combines 24X7 technical support with the industry’s finest functional consultants. With Oracle’s JD Edwards 9.2 enhancement strategy, updates will be coming at you faster than ever before. We’ll help you evaluate the ones that are important to your business, then deploy and test them so you stay “code current’ and ahead of your competition.

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    Low Business Overhead

    - Up to 30% decrease in overhead costs

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    Knowledgeable & Flexible

    - Expert technical and functional resources when you need them

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    Complete Continuity

    - Dedicated Cloud Support Specialists and Delivery Managment assigned to your company

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    Remote & Responsive

    - On-call support available 24/7

How can we help? We're glad you asked.

Our expert consultants understand how to make the most of your technology. CSS Managed Services provides JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP support for:

  • Functional Applications
  • CNC
  • Hosted System Management
  • Tools & Application Upgrades
  • Development (including BIP & BSSV)
  • Integrations & Extensions
  • Unique industry needs
  • Reconfigurations / Process Improvement
  • Emergency Response
  • Acquisitions Management
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Functional Applications



"Having CSS' managed services group has enabled us to continue to support our organization and refine how we're leveraging our ERP, even with limited in-house support staff."

- Brooke Peters, Manager IT & IS, Bayer Healthcare Animal Health