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Procurement E-Book

CSS Collaborates with Oracle: Cloud-Based Procurement E-Book

Having the right procurement solution is crucial in today’s highly competitive world, especially for fast-growing companies (or those that want to be!). Manual procurement processes can be highly inefficient and time-consuming, with more potential for error—so the real issue becomes choosing the technological solution that dovetails with enterprise needs from procurement-to-pay. Having the right tools […]

3 Questions to Ask About Procurement in the Cloud

There are very different business requirements between how large enterprises and small-to medium businesses (SMBs) source goods and services. Yet the goals are the same: provide a consistent experience for end users who manage procurement, focus on supplier management, drive product quality and lower costs. With procurement now a strategic part of indirect and direct […]

3 Considerations for SMBs and Cloud Procurement Systems

Read the CSS contribution on titled ‘3 Considerations for SMBs and Cloud Procurement Systems’. Read more

Things to Consider in a Cloud Sourcing Hybrid Environment

By Angela Wilson, Sr. Solutions Architect, CSS International, Inc. Depending on the industry, there can be very different business requirements that affect how companies source goods and services. The introduction of advanced procurement solutions is often required to meet these business requirements; which often drive the need for seamless integration. When an organization deploys a […]