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Support your ERP upgrade strategy with managed services.

What Businesses Need to Know about Their ERP Upgrade Options

It’s becoming increasingly common for IT leaders to find themselves caught between daily management tasks and driving growth and innovation within their companies – especially when it comes to ERP systems. A significant investment for any company, ERP systems are a major component of business efficiency and can help create a competitive advantage for companies […]

ERP strategy for vendors

7 Essential Components of a JD Edwards ERP Strategy

I love analogies and my talks with customers are usually full of them. To me, they create a link between technology and business drivers. Technology alone isn’t always enough. Yes, you may own a robust suite of applications to meet business requirements, but you also need a strategy that will enable you to maximize the value […]

longterm ERP strategy

4 Essential Steps to Creating a Long-Term ERP Strategy

ERP systems are meant to streamline business operations and help complex organizations manage tasks across various departments. But too often, ERP systems become cumbersome and inefficient, taking up valuable resources and investment without giving businesses the advantages they’re looking for. The result is an ERP investment that has little to no strategic benefit. How does […]

5 Ways Oracle Support Services Help Enterprises Meet Business Goals

Oracle ERP systems are some of the most popular business tools to manage daily operations. Systems bring a variety of benefits including increased efficiency and productivity, integrated and centralized information storage and analysis, increased mobility and flexibility – all of which can contribute to a more efficient and competitive company as a whole. However, managing […]

Make Your JD Edwards ERP System More Nimble with Continuous Delivery

In the world of software development and deployment, there has always been a lifecycle associated with product releases. They were usually large, very intensive both in cost and labor, and disruptive to the business. Recently, Oracle’s JD Edwards development team changed that lifecycle by adopting a continuous delivery model. Continuous delivery is a set of […]