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Graniterock Case Study

Graniterock is a long-time JD Edwards client, a manufacturer of engineering and construction materials, and mining materials. They have 5 regions, 12 divisions and 42 branches and implemented JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud, EPBCS.

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As CSS helped Graniterock with their JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne upgrade, we uncovered some needs around planning and budgeting that could be addressed with EPM Cloud (EPBCS). The company had no planning solutions beyond manual spreadsheets and an antiquated budgeting tool, which severely limited visibility and hindered accuracy. CSS integrated actual General Ledger amounts from JDE to EPBCS and budgets/forecasts from EPBCS into JD Edwards to streamline planning processes and create visibility across the enterprise.

The CSS Approach

With help from CSS consultants, Graniterock successfully leveraged the power of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and an integration platform to bring EPM Cloud into the footprint. The functionality was implemented, integrated and live in less than 8 weeks. EPM Cloud, coupled with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne met the objectives of senior level IT leadership to give them a modern platform that will take them into future decades.


With improved/integrated demand management processes, Graniterock was able to eliminate cumbersome manual processes and multiple spreadsheet tracking; therefore, minimizing risk of error. The solution also reduced total cost of ownership and provided a modernized footprint that would easily and quickly scale to meet future needs. IT leadership was also able to validate the capabilities of an integrated Cloud solution that would meet POC business requirements and allow for future phase roll-outs.

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    Improved JD Edwards Configuration

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    Much-Needed Drill Down Capabilities

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    Automated integration from JDE's 911 file for financial reporting, budgeting/forecasting

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    Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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    Modern footprint that would scale and integrate as they grow

This is how a project is supposed to go. Total success!

Nicole Laurence, Chief Information Officer, Graniterock