How CSS Helped Skanska Civil Leverage Cloud and On-Prem Solutions to Mitigate Risk

Skanska Civil is one of the largest, most financially sound construction and development companies in the United States. CSS implemented a hybrid solution that leverages cloud and on-prem technology to address Skanska’s compliance issues and improve their daily operations.


  1. A sustainable hybrid solution of Cloud Procurement and JD Edwards 9.2
  2. Integration engine for Cloud HCM to eliminate an old school point-to-point integration
  3. Migrated risk of inaccurate reporting, fines, and work stoppage
  4. Reduce repetitive information to suppliers and manage RFQ process, review all vendor bids and contract awards all online
  5. 24/7 support with JDE Managed Services

Download the case study to discover how CSS implemented a sustainable solution for Skanska Civil.