Engineering, Procurement & Construction

As an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) professional, you are keenly aware of how people rely on you from start to finish on a project. You are under pressure to deliver accurately and on time. As you know, a small problem can quickly escalate into a large one, especially when you don’t have clear, end-to-end visibility into the project. At ArganoCSS, we focus on providing this transparency, allowing you to manage your projects with complete continuity. Our consultants average 14 years in the engineering and construction industry and we bring high-level industry experience to every project, providing you with resource continuity.

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Choose JD Edwards ERP Solutions for Your EPC Service Firm

You need to manage the most profitable projects possible, and JD Edwards ERP solutions allow your EPC firm to do exactly that. Starting with the creation of competitive proposals, EPC ERP solutions allow you to manage comprehensive enterprise resources, as well as:

  • Select the best suppliers, subcontractors, and materials
  • Integrate information and unify data
  • Efficiently and effectively manage job costs
  • Streamline billing and simplify payroll management
  • Boost forecasting abilities throughout your enterprise
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Oracle Cloud & EPC ERP Software

We implement EPC ERP software solutions such as E-Business Suite and JD Edwards to help your company to:

  • Benefit from clear visibility into your supply chain
  • Coordinate and collaborate on projects in real-time
  • Increase productivity through streamlined applications
  • Comprehensively schedule and plan projects
  • Share information with stakeholders
  • Manage vendors and inventory, PJC and more
  • Seamlessly connect all departments
  • Forecast sales and boost predictive capabilities

EPC ERP Case Study Highlights

Oracle offers comprehensive solutions for engineering and construction companies, from start to finish, and the professionals at ArganoCSS are involved in a significant percentage of these projects. In fact, we have the largest dedicated E&C practice in the OPN.

ArganoCSS case studies include those of Skanska Civil, where we took a holistic approach to solve the company’s challenges. You can read more about how we upgraded its solution to JD Edwards ERP 9.2 along with our Cloud procurement implementation. You can also see how we facilitated solutions for Clark Construction Company when it needed to save on recruiting and hiring costs, among other initiatives.

Through our managed services, we provide companies with 24/7 access to ERP solutions and industry experts.

ERP Case Studies