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Oracle + CSS for Construction Management Software Solutions

As a construction professional, you are continually juggling multiple projects, with each project containing numerous benchmarks and deadlines. CSS helps businesses like yours manage complex schedules, planning, finances, forecasts, quantities, and materials management with complete continuity. Our consultants average 14 years of experience in construction and engineering, keenly aware of the problems faced by the full spectrum of types of construction, from general contractors to specialty subcontractors. These consultants bring high-level industry expertise and resource continuity to every single project.

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Construction ERP Case Study Highlights

Each construction company has unique challenges. In the case of Skanska Civil USA, they faced difficulties because of a lack of visibility into their supplier community, making them vulnerable to fines and non-compliance. They wanted to incorporate Cloud functionality, as well, using a solution that supported their social commitments, which included sustainability and diversity, small business partnerships and an overall growth of their business.

CSS facilitated the solution to all those needs. And, through our managed services, Skanska Civil USA now has access to construction management software solutions and industry experts 24/7.

Skanska Civil USA Case Study

The experienced professional team at CSS can create a holistic system, using construction management software such as these Oracle enterprise solutions: Cloud ERP, E-Business Suite or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. We know where to fill in gaps so that we tailor the solution precisely to your construction company’s needs. We also collaborate with Oracle whenever a client needs new industry-specific tools—and we’re ready to do that for your business.

CSS Provides Complete End-to-End Solutions for Construction Companies

More than 50 percent of the top construction companies choose Oracle solutions, and we have been involved in most of these projects. Benefits include:

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    Real time project performance

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    Union Payrolls, prevailing wage

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    Managing complex contracts and performance

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    Equipment telematics, preventative maintenance, and cost analysis

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    Field Mobility

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    Project Management

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    Competitive Analysis & Attracting New Customers

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    Margin Optimization

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    Aligning Costs with Contract Revenue

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    Designing Training Programs

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    Vendor Collaboration

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    Adhering to Government and Industry Regulations

Choose JD Edwards Construction Company Solutions Today and for Your Long Term Future

JD Edwards will allow you to create competitive proposals, pulling in data across departments. With this high visibility into what you need for the most profitable project, you can:

  • Choose the best suppliers and subcontractors for your needs
  • Obtain materials ahead of time
  • Continue to unify data and integrate information throughout
  • Effectively manage job costs
  • Streamline billing
  • Simplify payroll management
  • Improve forecasting for current and future projects

Plus, with JD Edwards construction company solutions, you can effectively and efficiently manage enterprise resources.