Heavy & Civil Engineering

As a professional in heavy and/or civil engineering, the more you simplify the use of infrastructure for the people you serve, the more complex your own job becomes. At ArganoCSS, we focus on simplifying your engineering planning processes, scheduling, financial management, supply chain management, and more – helping you manage them with complete continuity. Our consultants have an average of 14 years in engineering and construction, and they provide high-level industry experience to every project, along with resource continuity.

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Choose JD Edwards ERP Solutions for Engineering Companies

JD Edwards ERP solutions for engineering firms provide numerous ways to help you manage the most profitable projects possible, from creating competitive proposals to choosing the best suppliers and subcontractors. This solution will also allow you to proactively obtain necessary materials, unify data and integrate information throughout your processes, and manage job costs effectively and efficiently. It will also simplify payroll management and streamline billing, boost forecasting abilities now and in the future, and manage comprehensive enterprise resources.

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Oracle Cloud and Engineering ERP Software Solutions

  • Boost your engineering firm’s ability to coordinate efforts, real-time
  • Streamline applications to increase productivity
  • Share timely information and collaborate
  • Schedule, plan and monitor all projects
  • Benefit from real-time supply chain visibility
  • Forecast sales and manage predictive capabilities
  • Manage vendors, inventory, PJC and more
  • Seamlessly connect all departments

Our highly experienced team will create a holistic system for your engineering firm, including but not limited to E-Business Suite and JD Edwards.

Case Study Highlights: ERP for Engineering Companies

Skanska Civil was at risk for fines and non-compliance because of its lack of visibility into its supplier community. It also needed to update its software to one that supported its social commitments, which included its commitments to business partnerships, diversity, and sustainability. Skanska Civil wanted to incorporate Cloud functionality as it addressed risk and scaled up globally.

ArganoCSS took a holistic approach and implemented a hybrid solution that included upgrading its JD Edwards ERP solution to 9.2. Skanska Civil is also using ArganoCSS managed services, available 24/7, for its support of JD Edwards ERP.

Skanska Civil Case Study