6 Benefits ArganoCSS Clients Experience with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

As IT needs become increasingly complex for enterprises, rarely does one solution fit all. If you’ve found this to be the case, then it’s likely that a hybrid Cloud solution is something to consider. Here are reasons why a mixture of private Cloud and third-party Cloud, with off-Cloud infrastructure used as needed, can benefit your enterprise, like it has for ArganoCSS clients.

Benefit #1 Scalability

You can scale up and scale down usage in the public Cloud portion of the solution to meet seasonal demand, unexpected spikes and more. Cost patterns dovetail as you spend more when more demand and revenue exist; less, when less.

Benefit #2 Greater Access/Flexibility in Access

The Cloud offers 24/7/365 access around the world, providing visibility to whomever needs the data, whenever it’s needed. Access settings allow your enterprise to give each stakeholder exactly the level of access needed, with control measures such as authentication and encryption options making it feasible for many enterprises to host sensitive information on the private Cloud portion of the hybrid solution.

Benefit #3 Increased Security

As enterprises decide to move to the Cloud, one concern sometimes brought up is the level of security available. Cloud computing is more secure, overall, than on-premise off-Cloud solutions, because on-premise infrastructure can be more vulnerable to attacks.

Benefit #4 E-Commerce Considerations

If only stand-alone solutions were available (meaning, only private Cloud or only public Cloud), this would present additional challenges to e-commerce companies. Order processing, for example, might be large enough to benefit from the scalability of the public Cloud. Payment information, however, might need to be placed in a private Cloud to meet legal security issues. The hybrid Cloud solves that problem.

Benefit #5 Innovative IT

Cloud solutions have a come a long way.  No longer “emerging” technology; you can be a leader using innovative, modern solutions with hybrid Cloud, while still using and getting full benefit from legacy applications.

Benefit #6 Cost Savings

The hybrid Cloud can offer up significant cost savings through reduced total cost of ownership. With a hybrid solution, you can offload some of the heavier usage to the public portion, paying for it as you need it, rather than investing in expanding the private Cloud for what might only be a temporary spike in demand.

Plus, the cost of hosting enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and/or customer relationship management (CRM) applications on a private Cloud can be cost-prohibitive because of the large volumes of data being managed. The same is true for, say, analytics that require intensive resource use. With a hybrid cloud solution, you can strategically place applications.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions with CSS

Benefits of a hybrid Cloud solution are numerous. To effectively reap them, it’s crucial to have the right professionals implement the solutions of choice. ArganoCSS was one of the first companies to market a hybrid Cloud approach for on-premise applications. We continue to bring strategic and modern solutions to enterprises around the globe.

Our goal? To transform your business! Using an Oracle-only focus, we provide you with dedicated industry experience, resource continuity and exceptional customer service. Let us help your enterprise become stronger, more agile and more competitive. Contact us online to discuss hybrid Cloud solutions or call 1-800-814-7705 today.