Cloud Consulting: Optimizing for Construction Companies

Businesses that design, procure and construct face significant challenges in today’s world as they sustainably provide solutions to customers. Fortunately, transforming the technology that fuels these activities can help companies like yours meet or exceed objectives and leverage sustainable solutions.

In other words, to continue to construct what the world needs in a highly competitive environment, it’s crucial to maximize your technology. At ArganoCSS, we’re master builders when it comes to migrating your on-premise applications to the Oracle Cloud. For a complimentary consultation, please contact us online.

Key Benefits: Moving Your On-Premise Applications to the Cloud

Companies that migrate their legacy applications to the Cloud can benefit in substantial ways. For example, on average, these companies receive a return on investment of 3.2x while cutting their total costs of ownership by more than 50%. In addition, these companies reduce their technology infrastructure spend by 63% and use 91% less energy.

Yes, these are averages. And, what’s most important is to have a strategically-planned migration that allows your construction or engineering business to maximize its own unique opportunities. During our extensive experience, we’ve found that some companies, for example, benefit the most when they go all in, transitioning to the Cloud in one comprehensive rollout.

Others, though, are more successful when they roll out in carefully planned phases, whether that’s by geography, business line, company division, or something else uniquely important to them. Here are more insights into construction and engineering Cloud migrations.

No matter which route you choose, when migrating to this modern technology, your company becomes positioned in a future-forward way. Additional benefits of a migration to the Oracle Cloud include the following:

  • Access to innovation in real time, right at your fingertips
  • Ability to benefit immediately from new functionalities
  • Rollouts customized for maximum impact
  • Enhanced abilities to compete in today’s ultra-competitive business world
  • Opportunities to reposition human resource talent for optimal placement, being freed up through intelligent automation
  • Ease of scalability
  • Ability to comply with regulations and control overall risk

Oracle Cloud Provides Competitive Advantages

Oracle invests in cutting-edge technologies—including AI, blockchain, IoT, and ML—to provide users with highly desirable competitive advantages. The catch, if there is one: This is only available in the Cloud.

Construction and engineering companies that migrate to the Oracle Cloud can benefit from in-depth insights and laser-accurate projections. Decision-making abilities are amplified, thanks to next-gen technologies.

Intelligent Automation for Construction & Engineering

When your company has high visibility into your design and build projects, this can have a dramatically positive effect. ArganoCSS has been recognized by Oracle three times for helping businesses through the Empower the Green Enterprise. In other words, we facilitate a company’s ability to reach sustainability goals through modern technology.

Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS understand the day-to-day realities of your industry because we build and design, as well, just in a different way. We construct comprehensive solutions that are customized for individual clients with a strong focus on sustainability, as our Oracle recognition clearly demonstrates.

Choosing the Best Oracle Cloud Consultant

At ArganoCSS, we work with companies that have already decided to transition their on-premise applications to the Oracle Cloud. Other times, the companies still have questions about how they can benefit from this migration. In either case, our experienced Oracle Cloud consultant team is here to help—and our track record of successful Cloud migrations is stellar.

So, what about when you’re initially looking for recommendations for a consultant? First, it can make sense to ask business colleagues for recommendations and then contact consultants that interest you and offer the services you need.

Check that consultant company’s:

After a conversation with a consultant, consider how:

  • willingly and completely they answered your questions
  • fully they understood your challenges and focused on them

Importance of Pre-Implementation Processes

Pre-implementation procedures are crucial when moving to the Cloud. So, ask your consultant about these processes, including how they’ll occur and when. What about support services? What is available for:

Be sure to discuss how on-premise data will be handled before the migration occurs. Factors that will impact what needs done include how clean the data is, where it’s located, the degree of duplicate data, what data is currently being used, what can be archived, and so forth.

Documentation also needs to be reviewed at your construction/engineering company, and a quality consultant will do so carefully. Issues that should be analyzed include:

  • how documentation compares against industry best practices
  • how closely documentation matches what’s actually being done in your company
  • where differences exist in each of the first two bullet points
  • how uncovered issues will be addressed

Data and documentation should be reviewed in numerous areas in your business, including in

finance, inventory, manufacturing, planning, procurement, and sales. The consultant should also address process mapping, on-premise customizations, regulations that impact your industry and company, and more.

How will the consultant integrate other applications in the Cloud, from Oracle and third parties? What is the rollout plan? Schedule? Business interruption mitigation plan?

Choose the Award-Winning Oracle Consultant: CSS

Our team can seamlessly transition your construction company’s ERP solution to the Cloud, while allowing you to continue to leverage your existing legacy applications and benefit from its robust capabilities. ArganoCSS was in fact one of the very first consulting companies in the Oracle Partner Network to implement and integrate Oracle ERP Cloud in a hybrid environment.

We provide personalized service to each of our clients, with contemporary solutions that are uniquely tailored to address challenges and help companies to meet or exceed goals. We are experts in large upgrades—yet we give our full attention to small ones, too. We work with companies that would benefit from a comprehensive migration, as well as those who will transition in strategically crafted rollouts.

Please contact us online for a complimentary consultation. Let’s get started!