ArganoCSS Collaborates with Oracle: Cloud-Based Procurement E-Book

Having the right procurement solution is crucial in today’s highly competitive world, especially for fast-growing companies (or those that want to be!). Manual procurement processes can be highly inefficient and time-consuming, with more potential for error—so the real issue becomes choosing the technological solution that dovetails with enterprise needs from procurement-to-pay.

Having the right tools in a single platform streamlines the entire process by harnessing automation to reduce costs and increase efficiency. To help your enterprise accomplish that goal, we’re happy to announce that our own Senior Solutions Architect, Angela Wilson, has collaborated with Oracle to publish “A Guide to Developing a Responsive, Cloud-Based Procurement Process.”

The focus is on helping small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) transform the procurement process into a competitive advantage. Through strategic procurement, these companies can:

  • save money
  • speed up core processes
  • improve procurement processes for partners and employees alike

To make that happen, it’s crucial for the SMB to implement the right process planning, invest appropriately in technology, and put a rock-solid focus on procurement. This shift in how procurement is handled, one that pushes a company towards increased innovation and its corresponding value, must involve an acceleration in change, including in:

  • talent
  • leadership
  • digital initiatives

This new e-book is designed to help fast-moving companies do just that, with topics in the book including the following:

  • Introduction: Harness Strategic Procurement for a Competitive Advantage
  • How to Save Money and Time with Strategic Cloud Sourcing
    • This chapter shares how Cloud-based sourcing tools help to improve supplier negotiations, speed up the awards process, identify and reduce supplier risk, and improve management with better visibility.
  • Supplier Contract Management: Why It’s So Utterly Important
    • Because supplier contract management is at the heart of successful procurement, this chapter shares ways for growing companies to streamline collaboration and optimize workflow management.
  • Must-Have Features for Cloud-Based Supplier Contract Management
    • Find out more here about the four must-haves, including high-level standardization features, language clause libraries, and more.
  • Why Supplier Contract Management is Essential, and What Can Go Wrong
    • An error in a supplier qualification workflow can be extremely costly in a fast-growing company, even when it’s an oversight. This chapter focuses on tracking, managing, and challenging vendors to stay in compliance and avoid significant fines and penalties.
  • Supplier Portal: Competitive Differentiator or Must-Have Offering?
    • Strategies for supplier portal success including investing in training, considering a pilot program, and a focus on communications.
  • The Power of Self-Serve Procurement to Control Spend and Keep Employees Happy
    • This chapter describes how fast-growing SMBs optimize their use of self-service procurement options to speed up business while controlling spending, perhaps through customized catalogues for preferred vendors, as one example.
  • Is Your SMB Ready for Mobile Procurement?
    • Employees are likely working on mobile devices already, even if they’re just checking messages. So, when self-service procurement solutions can be accessed easily on the devices where employees have agility and a strong comfort level, it’s easier to keep moving business tasks forward.
  • Why Analytics Are Critical to Procurement
    • When analytics data is easily accessed, this can empower stronger contract management, create an agile buying organization, support monitoring and decisions with real-time alerts, and focus on sourcing analytics that are needed most.
  • Conclusion: Strategic Procurement is a Competitive Differentiator for Growing Companies
    • The bottom line: investing in the right Cloud-based technologies is crucial to transform procurement in your SMB so it becomes a competitive differentiator.

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Oracle Procurement Solutions

If your company needs to implement a procurement solution, the Oracle consultants at CSS are highly experienced in recommending the best technology, and implementing and integrating it into your enterprise systems. Here’s an example where we employed the power of the Oracle Procurement Cloud for Cummins, Inc.

Cummins realized the need for greater purchasing function capacity, with a system that would allow parties to collaborate using controlled processes and data, and common tools to confidently make decisions. Company executives recognized the importance of having one central source to provide information to relevant team members in real time.

To understand the Cummins experience, watch this helpful video, “Procurement Cloud Excellence for E-Business Suite Customers.” In the video, you can benefit from practical information provided by three parties: Oracle, Cummins, and ArganoCSS. You can also see a high-level demonstration of the Oracle Cloud.

Ultimately, ArganoCSS recommended and implemented the following modules of the Oracle Procurement Cloud:

  • Cloud Sourcing
  • Supplier Management
  • Supplier Risk and Contract Management

These Oracle solutions reduced product cost for Cummins, while also reducing supplier and supply chain risks—also helping suppliers to more easily do business with the company. You can find more information about this solution in our case study.

Customized Procurement Solutions

Your situation may not be the same as Cummins. In fact, it likely won’t be, as each enterprise has its own unique challenges and goals. The Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS work closely with each client to determine which procurement modules are right and, no matter what procurement solution is ultimately right for you, every dollar saved will directly improve your bottom line.

When you choose Cloud solutions, your enterprise will benefit even more quickly, with seamless functionality updates. The modern interfaces of Oracle solutions make it straightforward for suppliers and subcontractors to use, and your enterprise can feel confident with the security measures taken to protect your data, even with mobile procurement usage. Finally, this is the ideal way to have all your information available in real time in a single source.

Contact ArganoCSS for Your Procurement Needs

At ArganoCSS, we maintain Platinum and Cloud select status each year for Oracle solutions, and our experienced professionals are here to help with your unique enterprise needs. Our team often collaborates with Oracle to create industry-specific solutions for clients, and we are ready to tackle your toughest procurement challenges! Contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705.

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