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Demand Planning: Does it Belong in the Supply Chain Cloud or On-Premise?

| April 18, 2018

By Brad Van Zeeland, Senior Solutions Architect, CSS International, Inc.

The most successful enterprise-sized companies are those that effectively and efficiently streamline and optimize their supply chain management. A crucial cog in this process is demand planning, that complex process that gives enterprises visibility into their forecasting, including the ups and downs of demand. The ultimate goal is to laser-target revenue forecasting and maximize profitability for each supply chain channel.

With the right demand planning solution, your company can accurately predict customer demand, efficiently deliver products to customers, boost cash flow, and shape profitability for even the most complex global supply chain. As your company improves its accuracy in forecasting, you will benefit from better inventory turns and order fill rates.

How that is achieved, though, differs by company as each business has unique needs, goals, and processes. To help yours, here are advantages of Cloud solutions as well as examples of when on-premise integration of demand planning into internal IT infrastructures may make sense—and then we’ll provide a closer look at Demantra.

Four Benefits of Demand Planning in the Cloud

    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): When your demand planning solution is hosted in the cloud, you are no longer responsible for the management of the IT infrastructure that supports demand planning, or for the costs associated with on-premise management.
    • Streamlined Operations via Real-Time Integration: Your team can access the exact data you need, right when you need it, without worrying about how timely the information is, because systems are seamlessly connected to one another. This also reduces operational costs. Your communications, both internal and external, are elevated, boosting collaboration.
    • Laser-Targeted Market Demand Responses: Because your enterprise can readily access real-time demand signals, your company can quickly and easily adapt responses to demand, even in volatile market conditions.
    • Seamless Upgrades: On-premise upgrades can lead to business interruption, which affects fulfillment, which affects profitability. With Cloud solutions, upgrades can typically be rolled out during non-business days or non-peak times, or otherwise take place with as little business interruption as possible.


Oracle Cloud Demand Management

Oracle Cloud Demand Management leverages Oracle’s IP in which Demantra On-Prem was founded. Similar to Demantra, it offers advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Enhanced statistical capabilities
  • Configurable hierarchies to support aggregation and dis-aggregation of demand
  • Configurable metrics and workbenches
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Management by exception capabilities to streamline Demand Management daily functions
  • Simulation capability

Additionally, Oracle Cloud Demand Management allows users to tailor their application experience without the assistance of technical support. This allows for a lower TCO, as well as a more empowered user base.

Benefits of Demand Management in the Cloud

  • Customer-centric solutions
  • Common foundation supporting Supply Planning & Demand Planning
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies
  • Productivity improvements
  • Faster implementations
  • Additional cost savings
  • Improved customer service
  • Boosted security


On-Premise Demand Planning

There are times when, for example, an enterprise may have business requirements which lends to choosing an on-premise solution. Functionality within the Oracle Cloud solution is being added rapidly, so the functionality delta between Cloud Demand Management and Demantra is narrowing with each passing month. Demantra is a very mature product, and subsequently has the capability to support complex business requirements.

Demantra Demand Planning

If your enterprise needs a demand management application that will help your business to operate efficiently and effectively grow—or even aggressively grow—Oracle’s Demantra is an excellent choice to drive business value along the entire supply chain management process. Demantra is considered best in class, and extends beyond the advanced features of Demand Management and event driven planning.

Capabilities Differences within Demantra

  • Robust Trade Promotion Management
  • Service Parts Forecasting

Organizations with highly mature Promotion Management or Service Parts Forecasting will be a better fit for Demantra at this time. Outside of these advanced functions, Oracle Cloud Demand Management measures up very comparatively to Demantra.

Align Operations with Strategic Goals

Today’s enterprises are under increasing pressure to be profitable, which involves dovetailing operations with strategic goals. Demand Planning is key. The capabilities of these demand management applications will allow your company to analyze consumer demand at its most granular level in real time. The applications also allow for analysis closer to consumption points and provides an overall user experience that is tightly integrated.

The CSS Advantage

Our consultants have an average of 20 years of experience in implementing demand planning tools, and combine the very best of Oracle Demantra with hands-on deep industry knowledge of supply chain management applications. The result: professional support that keeps your business moving forward, both strategically and from a daily operational standpoint. Our low turnover assures consistency of resources for every project, including yours.

Take Your Demand Planning to a New Level

CSS will provide your enterprise with a customized holistic solution specifically tailored to your demand management needs, filling in the gaps and giving you visibility over your entire global supply chain. We also collaborate with Oracle to create new tools for our customers, industry specific to provide even more visibility to production, logistics, inventory availability, and more in the consumer goods industry.

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