Enterprise Performance Management Software for Streamlined Planning

By David Spaker, Vice President of Enterprise Performance Management, ArganoCSS International, Inc.

In today’s digital economy, enterprises need to create organization-wide plans that seamlessly integrate all aspects of the company. Gone are the days when each business line and/or department could independently hold planning meetings and then operate autonomously. From financial planning to workforce planning, capital asset planning and more, solutions must be enterprise-wide in the 21st-century. The good news is that enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions allow global companies to align the functions of planning, budgeting and forecasting across all lines of business and geographies.

Blending Independence with Synergy

Here’s a challenge faced by enterprises across the globe: For successful planning to occur, operational planners must analyze a significant amount of data and go into deep detail to create a quality plan for their lines of business. To delve into their data granularly and create a plan, they need to be given ownership of the process without the need to heavily rely upon corporate system administrators.

On the other hand, plans from individual lines of business and departments must be seamlessly integrated across the enterprise. As just one example, sales and marketing plans must align with human resource plans. To blend these crucial needs and align the overall enterprise planning processes, it’s important to provide synergy among operational planners, as well as with corporate planners.

Oracle EPM software and processes solve this crucial challenge through the creation of a unique federated architecture that allows operational planners the ability to independently create forecasts, plans and budgets. The architecture also allows for unparalleled scalability, as needed, with the ability to connect related planning processes across the enterprise.

The Oracle EPM system effectively manages situations where only sparse data is available, and can manage huge volumes of data through its in-memory calculation function.

Improved Performance through Integrated Planning

Ventura Research studied the effectiveness of integrated planning processes, and results are reported in an Oracle white paper. The key statistic? Companies that integrate their planning processes have more accurate plans, with 77 percent of planning processes depending to some degree on “having access to accurate and timely data from other parts of the organization.” This is exactly the kind of access that enterprise performance management software provides to enterprises.

The study also noted how, as less integration occurs, the degree of planning success goes down. More specifically, planning practices work well or very well:

  • In 66 percent of companies when information is directly linked
  • Only 40 percent of the time when information is copied from plans
  • Only 25 percent of the time when plans have little to no connection to one another

Streamline Oracle EPM Solutions with CSS

As planning processes are streamlined, you can spend less time planning—and more time running your enterprise. Oracle EPM offer 21st century solutions to dovetail operational and corporate planning, providing synergy to all stakeholders. Operational planners benefit from ownership in the process, and are given the flexibility and scalability they need, while corporate administration benefits from transparent processes that provide the visibility and control they need across the enterprise. Everyone benefits as planning and budgeting cycles are reduced.

ArganoCSS is an award-winning specialized partner in the Oracle Partner Network. Our professional team is highly experienced at both implementing the system and facilitating a way for your enterprise to plan and manage projects in a sustainable way. Please contact us online to implement the Oracle EPM Solution that can be configured for your unique requirements, a powerful solution that’s easy to use, manage and upgrade as needed. Or call 1-800-814-7705.