ERP Implementation Success Stories

The challenges that your company faces in enterprise resource planning (ERP) are as unique as your business, so you need exactly the right system of integrated applications to streamline your operations. At ArganoCSS, we provide customized ERP solutions to enterprises around the globe—here are summaries of three ERP implementation success stories that show individualized solutions we’ve created. We invite you to take a look and then contact us to discuss your own unique needs.

Fortune 100 Energy Company Case Study

This global enterprise provides innovative products and services at more than 8,000 locations around the world, focusing on aviation, logistics, technology, and marine and land energy solutions. Because it did not have a fully integrated formal procurement system for its trading partners, or a fully integrated system of compliance controls for corporate spending, the company knew that its ERP system—one that was already highly customized—needed upgrading. Management goals included expense reduction on customized development, among other cost reduction initiatives.

You can read specifics of this ERP solution, one that led to significant risk mitigation and high user adoption as elements of functionality were implemented at a pace customized for the enterprise.

Egalet Corporation Case Study

This specialty pharmaceutical company creates medicines to address acute and chronic pain, while also providing protections against the burden of abuse for physicians, families, and communities. This enterprise recognized its lack of robust financial functionality, using different systems for purchase orders and procurement. This dual-entry system meant that visibility into financial processes was less than ideal, and multiple key functions were not available, including multi-national currency translation, three-way matching, and automated accrual accounting.

More specifics about the challenges and the ERP solution devised are available here. Upon the implementation of Cloud EPM, Egalet experienced dramatically improved process efficiencies and the ability to master its data efficiently.

Skanska Civil USA Case Study

Skanska Civil is an expert in construction, commercial development initiatives, civil infrastructure, and public-private partnerships, and one of the largest and most financially sound enterprises in the industry in the United States. A lack of visibility into its supplier community, though, put the enterprise at risk for non-compliance issues and associated fines. Its current ERP solution didn’t support Its social commitments and corporate mission initiatives, which ranged from small business partnerships and overall business growth to diversity and sustainability initiatives. It also needed to modernize its HCM solution.

More details about the company’s challenges and ERP solution are located here. ArganoCSS recommended and implemented a hybrid solution that improved daily business operations, addressed compliance issues, and supports both corporate mission and social commitments.

ERP Solutions for Your Enterprise

The challenges that your enterprise faces may be significantly reflected in one of these three ERP implementation success stories, or may involve other key components of your business operations. In either case, ArganoCSS is the experienced choice to implement customized ERP solutions. Please contact us online or call us at 1-800-814-7705.