Flexible Managed Services Available Now

Remote support is critical to business success—now more than ever before.

Managed services save companies money, while also managing risk. They provide businesses with predictable cost structures and upgrade models—all handled remotely, which is crucial in today’s challenging times.

At ArganoCSS, your company can receive JD Edwards managed services support from senior, US-based consultants with the flexibility of short-term contract options. These contracts are available for three months, or six months—or for as long as you need us.

Your company will benefit from the same functional, development, and CNC system administration coverage on a short-term contract that you would on a longer one. You choose the contract length that works for your business, and we’ll do the rest.

Our adaptive capacity structure has built-in flexibility to vary support volume as your needs change—with our automated ticketing system and client access portal being battle tested. We’re ready to serve you during this rapidly evolving situation, fully prepared with a dedicated point-of-contact Delivery Manager who is laser focused on customer service.

You can download an overview of our managed services for more information. We’ll also provide business case studies to show how managed services by ArganoCSS benefit companies.

Tutor Perini Corporation

“Projects this size rarely come in on time and on budget, but ArganoCSS was able to deliver.” (Tutor Perini CIO)

Tutor Perini Corporation provides global construction services to public and private clients, offering general contracting and design-build services. Through their aggressive acquisition strategy, they had nine additional companies, each with its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It was expensive and unwieldy to maintain all of these ERP systems, and they knew that they needed one scalable solution. But, was JD Edwards the right choice? They were skeptical.

Our Oracle consultants, though, successfully rolled out a global design in multiple phases. This was a complex endeavor, and it was crucial that each go-live stage provided a seamless experience for clients while Tutor Perini Corporation and ArganoCSS were intensely focused on implementing the next rollout—and that’s where our managed services came in.

Our managed services team provided ongoing production support and assisted with the help desk. This allowed experienced professionals from Tutor Perini and ArganoCSS to keep their attention on the next rollout.

Ultimately, this JD Edwards rapid deployment was completed within 25 months, on time and within budget. Tutor Perini benefitted from a comprehensive back office conversation throughout 19 business units.

Sonoco Packaging Display

“We could not be more happy with the support we’re getting from ArganoCSS. Everything we’ve needed has been done quickly to support our short timelines.”

Sonoco Packaging & Promotions is a $5 billion global company that provides consumer packaging, industrial products, protective solutions, and display and packaging services. They were running a 20-year-old version of JD Edwards: WorldSoftware, a legacy program that most consultants wouldn’t even know about. Sonoco recognized how they needed a cost-effective way to update their technology (especially since their internal resource was retiring!) and that’s when they contacted CSS.

They also knew they needed a highly reliable way to continue to meet user needs while they focused on leveraging their aging software. So, ArganoCSS support consultants met with Sonoco’s retiring team member and they worked in tandem on site. During this time, Sonoco got to meet the managed service team and a knowledge transfer could take place. Weekly cadence calls and a strong delivery methodology also transpired during the transition period—and the ultimate result was a smooth transition for users.

The Sonoco user community quickly embraced the ArganoCSS managed services team, and so did the company’s management. This team allowed Sonoco to add needed functionality to its software solution, with managed services by ArganoCSS saving them 10% on daily support costs. Because they took advantage of a multi-year contract, they also saved an impressive 33% on implementing new functionality.

Choose the Managed Services Contract that Works for You

ArganoCSS offers dedicated ERP support, 24/7/365, or just when needed. You can sign a short-term contract to support you during today’s uncertain times or use our experienced consultants for as long as you need us.

No matter which option you choose, our managed services allow you to focus on managing and growing your business without stressing about ERP technology. In other words, our senior, on-shore professionals will keep an eye on your Oracle ERP system so you don’t have to.

To discuss how we can help you, whether in the short or long term, contact us online today.