Graniterock: Integrating Enterprise Project Management with JD Edwards

For the past 118 years, family-owned Graniterock has continually manufactured construction, mining, and engineering materials, also serving as a construction company. It has retail stores as well, plus a transportation division that transports construction materials throughout the Bay Area area of California. In total, it has five regions, twelve divisions and 42 branches.

Because Graniterock has multiple lines of business and because the construction industry as a whole can be so volatile, the company needed a modern, flexible financial planning and budgeting solution, one that provided ease of use, both short- and long-term.

Graniterock has relied heavily upon JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as its enterprise resource planning solution, and it uses Oracle Cloud HCM for human resource functions. The company also wanted an Oracle solution for their enterprise performance management needs.

Our consulting team recognized how the EPM Cloud (EPBCS) could optimize the company’s planning and budgeting systems, streamlining processes and enhancing visibility, enterprise-wide. You can read more specifics in our case study.

Benefits of the Oracle EPM Cloud Solution

According to Nicole Laurence, Graniterock’s chief information officer, the Oracle EPM Cloud solution gave their company the “opportunity to use a very powerful, robust system, without having to make a huge investment to get access to the types of features and functionality that it offers.”

Laurence explains that in her role, she needs to find the “best solutions at the best cost. And that was one of the great things about this solution. It was well within our budget, and it was manageable for us to implement with a small team, and to then run going forward with a relatively small team.”

She noted that previously, the Graniterock team needed to “go into multiple systems, have lots of spreadsheets, and try and pull all of this information together ourselves. Now we’re able to get at that information all in one place to shorten our planning sessions and relieve that burden from our business team. So our business team is able to focus on their day-to-day jobs, and making decisions as opposed to just trying to gather all the information to make those decisions.

Data analyses have also been greatly streamlined. Or, as Laurence puts it, “With our previous tools, our functionality and our ability to actually do analysis was very limited. We were able to input information, to put a budget on record, and that was about it. Now with the power that we get with the planning and budgeting system in EPM, our business users are able to look at things through a whole new lens, and get more information to understand where should we be making those investments … [to find] opportunities to serve our customers better, to make sure that we are getting our products and our services in the right places where our customers need them.”

The Future for Graniterock, ArganoCSS and Oracle Solutions

Laurence also said the following: “Graniterock’s investment in Oracle systems is just at the beginning. Even though we’ve been longtime customers, there is so much more functionality we can take advantage of in the very powerful systems that we’ve invested in.”

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