Integration of Platform as a Service and Supply Chain Procurement

From January 29 through 31, 2018, more than 2,500 people attended the Modern Supply Chain Experience in San Jose, with quality education provided on a wide range of supply chain topics by top professionals, including Angela Wilson, Consultant/Contractor, ArganoCSS International, Inc. Wilson shared crucial insights on the topic of platform as a service (PaaS) and how it relates to supply chain procurement, using a case study as the focal point.

Her talk was titled “Integration of PaaS to Procurement Cloud.” Here is an overview of her presentation.

Supply Chain Procurement Solutions Needed by Cummins

Cummins, Inc., is a global power leader located in more than 190 countries with revenues of approximately $17.5 billion. Its enterprise designs, manufactures, sells, and services fuel engines (diesel and alternative fuel), and also provides related technologies and components.

Cummins needed to contract with supply chain procurement professionals to implement and integrate applications to achieve three key goals:

  • Reduce product costs
  • Reduce supplier and supply chain risk
  • Make Cummins easier to do business with

Cummins needed to develop a global Sourcing model, one that gave them the ability to efficiently source direct materials. The solution needed to be comprehensive to allow it to efficiently source large numbers of items while also maintaining global contacts. It was crucial for the enterprise to be able to manage contract development documents, as well as complete risk assessments, audits, and certification tracking for suppliers.

Cummins selected ArganoCSS as its partner to recommend, implement, and integrate solutions. The initial rollout focused on the Components Business Unit; future plans include rolling out additional business units. At a high level, CSS:

  • Implemented a hybrid solution to support Cummins’s move to the Cloud
  • Reduced monthly annual/consulting burn
  • Integrated the enterprise’s E-Business Suite foundation

More specific results include the:

  • Advancement of strategic purchasing processes with new Cloud functionality
  • Standardization and development of a global Sourcing model
  • Centralizing the management of global agreements, terms, and letters of intent
  • Integrating an innovative PaaS solution to Cloud Sourcing
  • Developing a repeatable process for future business unit rollouts

A Closer Look at Applications

More granularly, products used to accomplish strategic goals include:

  • Strategic Cloud Procurement Integrated with E-Business Suite
  • Supplier Management
  • Supplier Qualification Management
  • Sourcing
  • Inventory Management
  • Enterprise and Procurement Contracts
  • Supplier Portal

Integration selections included:

  • Supplier Inbound (SIM)
  • Item Inbound (PIM)
  • Employee Inbound (OneSource)
  • Value Set Data: Inbound (EBS)
  • BPA Data: Outbound (EBS)
  • Cloud Sourcing Inbound from PaaS

The Paas solution was created to close the following gaps when creating negotiations:

  • Mass Upload of Inventory Items
  • Uploading Price Breaks
  • Uploading Item Attributes

If you weren’t able to attend the Modern Supply Chain Experience, we hope you benefited by this high-level summary of the talk by Angela Wilson. If you’d like to discuss PaaS in more detail, contact ArganoCSS online or call 1-800-814-7705.

More Topics at the Modern Supply Chain Experience

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