Solving Business Challenges with JD Edwards Inventory Management

By Nicole Laurence, Senior Solutions Architect, ArganoCSS International, Inc.

Successful inventory management saves your enterprise money in multiple ways, ranging from storage cost savings to avoiding product spoilage and more. Streamlined inventory control also plays a crucial role in cash flow management: As you strategically manage supply and demand, the lack of inventory languishing in warehouses shrinks. Plus, when you dovetail production with demand, you’ll keep customers happy, which keeps revenue streaming in.

Inventory management needs are unique from enterprise to enterprise and often differ by division within the same company. What each division within a company (and each enterprise) has in common, though, is that optimizing inventory systems and procedures helps to boost the business’s bottom line.

Some of the more common challenges associated with managing inventory include lack of visibility throughout the supply chain. Some companies face visibility challenges in only parts of their supply chains, perhaps near points of consumption, while others are dealing with a more widespread transparency problem. As another example of challenges, some companies do a reasonably good job managing inventory on core items, but visibility drops off with supplemental products or seasonal ones.

Seasonal products can be problematic in other ways, with holiday season forecasts sometimes catching companies off guard. Products that have been popular in previous years may see a drop in demand, while other products may experience an unanticipated surge of demand. If supply chain and inventory control processes aren’t providing real-time visibility, this can cause a negative domino effect, with a significant impact on the year’s bottom line.

Advantages of Oracle’s JD Edwards Inventory Management

Advantages are significant, giving your enterprise increased visibility and its associated financial ownership, along with improved forecast accuracy. Meanwhile, you can reduce management costs for customers and boost collaboration opportunities.

Additional benefits include:

  • Decreased risk of demand uncertainty—or running out of inventory
  • Flexible inventory balance tracking and the ability to create mixed orders
  • Ability to conduct audits while at customer locations
  • Ease in returning vendor-managed and/or consigned inventory

If you’re ready to optimize your inventory management, we recommend that you upgrade to JDE 9.2 if you haven’t already.

JD Edwards Continuous Delivery Model

In today’s competitive business environment, companies don’t have time to be disrupted, which is why more companies are choosing the JD Edwards continuous delivery model. Through continuous delivery, inventory-related software upgrades are incrementally delivered in a timely fashion, without the costs typically associated with major upgrades.

Benefits of continuous delivery include:

  • Fast upgrades with more frequent, customer-driven enhancements
  • Lower costs and reduced risks
  • Shorter time-to-value cycles and faster ROI
  • Integrated managed services, minimizing the need for customization
  • Cloud experience and its associated benefits

ArganoCSS Oracle Consulting Experience: Best Project Field Teams in the Industry

We drive value to enterprises across the globe in multiple industries. Premier inventory management’s foundation is JD Edwards 9.2—so, if your company’s system needs to be upgraded, we can help. Then, ArganoCSS managed services keeps your management current with continuous delivery, providing support 24/7, including emergency support. Customers with 9.2 will receive this support through at least October 2028.

Elements of our support model include:

  • Enhancement analysis by professionals experienced in Oracle products with deep industry wisdom
  • Recommendations for the best fit for your enterprise and custom code retrofits
  • A minimum of one Tools upgrade annually
  • A minimum of one major ESU annually
  • Testing, documentation, training, functional support, and technical support

ArganoCSS is the largest North American JD Edwards system integrator, providing consulting services for more than two decades. Find more information about our JD Edwards managed services, as well as our continuous delivery model.

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