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Lease Accounting and Joint Venture Management in JDE: On-Demand Webcast

| January 24, 2019

Virtually all companies lease equipment, office space, and other assets. And the continuing trend of joint venture activity means that E&C organizations need to consider automated solutions to help stay on track and meet compliance requirements.

CSS can implement Lease Accounting functionality that meets compliance standards and Joint Venture Management capabilities that help you effectively manage your joint ventures as part of a single solution within JD Edwards.

This on-demand webcast will provide you with needed information for your implementation of Lease Accounting and Joint Venture Management. The benefits of this implementation include:
Accurate audit trail of lease and joint venture activity
Elimination of manual processes
Ensure compliance of Joint Operating Agreements
Compliance with FASB and IASB standards for lease accounting
Transparancy into your organizations assets and liabilities

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