LiDestri Foods and ArganoCSS Receive an Oracle Excellence Award

ArganoCSS is thrilled to announce that our client, LiDestri Foods, has been recognized by Oracle for innovation in sustainability. In September, they—along with CSS—received the Sustainability Innovation Award at Oracle OpenWorld.

Lidestri and CSS

Oracle believes that sustainability is a fundamental tenet of enterprise social responsibility, and so they created this award. It honors organizations that use Oracle solutions to advance their commitment to sustainability, using green business practices that protect our environment while also reducing costs and improving business efficiencies.

In other words, Oracle chose the winners based upon the degree of environmental impact of each nominee, as well as the business efficiencies they achieved through using Oracle solutions. Winners embrace environmental initiatives and use technology to achieve them.

So, with those parameters in mind, we’d like to shout out our congratulations to everyone on our team who played a part in the Supply Chain Cloud implementation that led to this prestigious award—an award that was accepted on behalf of LiDestri Foods by James Landry and Brad Van Zeeland.

Sustainability Mindset at LiDestri

Our client believes that sustainability is in fact key to their business success, and their efforts focus on three core pillars; to:

  • reduce energy and water use
  • reduce waste through process optimization
  • deploy improvement opportunities in the supply chain and engagement

The company notes how Oracle has supported them in achieving these key pillars, both directly and indirectly, by driving innovation, defining success, and tracking progress.

More About LiDestri Foods and Their Challenges

LiDestri is a contract manufacturer of food, plus beverages and spirits. They are a premier white label company as well as a contractor manufacturer for proprietary brands. Each year, they supply more than 40 million cases of product from six facilities in four different states in the United States.

Because of the enormous amounts of fresh ingredients that LiDestri uses, and because of how they must precisely manage food traceability—from where it’s grown to the jar where it’s packaged—the company recognized how it needed laser-targeted visibility into its supply chain.

Before we met with this client, they were manually entering data, using spreadsheets for demand management. This was time-consuming and cumbersome with potential for error. Additional concerns included how LiDestri wanted to ensure that they could maintain their pristine no-recall record. Executives also wanted the ability to generate automated reporting.

Oracle Solutions Implemented by CSS

Here, we’ll share how we were able to recommend, implement and maximize supply chain technology to help LiDestri transform their enterprise operations.

Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS helped LiDestri to compare the Oracle on-premise solution, Demantra, to the Supply Chain Cloud. Through that exercise, the company chose Oracle’s Supply Chain Cloud solution, even though they already owned (but hadn’t yet implemented) Demantra. The business case for the Cloud was just too strong.

More specifically, ArganoCSS implemented standard integrations of Supply Chain Planning Cloud with EBS release 12.1.3, including EBS-OPM key modules and ASCP. This process took place in all six of the company’s facilities.

Benefits of Supply Chain Cloud

As LiDestri gained visibility, they also gained increasingly more control over their ability to meet their core sustainability goals as described earlier in this post. They also boosted their ability to accurately manage just-in-time delivery of ingredients, including fresh ones that often have a very short shelf life.

As our business case study demonstrates, LiDestri benefited from this implementation in additional ways, including:

  • a modernized solution footprint
  • reduced implementation, recurring, and annual support costs
  • lower total cost of ownership
  • integrated demand management processes
  • streamlined processes, as spreadsheets and manual entry were replaced
  • cleaner, easier to navigate interfaces

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