Maximize Manufacturing With Oracle Cloud Consulting

In today’s ultra-competitive global business world, manufacturers must streamline their processes to effectively and efficiently provide parts, products and services to their customers in a profitable way. Steps of this process include but aren’t limited to:

  • Product Development
  • Operations Planning
  • Supply Sourcing
  • Material Management
  • Fulfillment

To maximize your manufacturing company’s ability to get your products to market, it’s crucial to optimize your applications—and Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS can transform your digital technology by transitioning on-premise applications to Oracle Cloud. For a complimentary consultation, please contact us online.

Moving On-Premise Applications to Oracle Cloud Applications: Key Benefits

You can receive important benefits when you migrate your on-premise application to Oracle Cloud. For example, companies that do so, on average:

  • realize an average ROI of 4.01x
  • cut their TCO by more than 50%
  • spend 63% less on their technology infrastructure

How a manufacturing company achieves these benefits can vary significantly because Oracle Cloud transitions can be quite different from company to company. One, for example, might benefit the most from one comprehensive transition, while another can realize more advantages by migrating one geography at a time—or one business division or line at a time.

What’s most important is that the transition is strategically planned and implemented in a way that’s most effective for the company.

There are additional benefits associated with a transition to Oracle Cloud, including how it positions your manufacturing company as future forward. Plus, your company has:

  • real-time access to innovation at its fingertips, able to immediately benefit from new functionalities at customized rollout times
  • enhanced abilities to effectively compete in today’s ultra-fast business world
  • the ability to strategically use human resource talent that has been freed up by intelligent automation

Plus, moving to the Cloud provides your manufacturing company with ease of scalability, while also giving you the ability to comply with regulations and otherwise control risk.

Competitive Advantages of Oracle Cloud

Oracle invests in cutting-edge technologies, including the latest in AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain, making them available in Oracle Cloud only. Manufacturing companies that leverage the power of Oracle Cloud can therefore benefit from competitive advantages, thanks to their ability to gain keen insights and create laser-accurate projections.

This knowledge empowers companies to optimize their decision making processes, using next-gen technologies to expand.

Intelligent Supply Chains for Manufacturers

We’ve worked with manufacturers in a wide range of specialties, from aerospace and defense to wholesale distribution, and from industrial manufacturing to medical devices, durable goods, steel, textiles, pulp and paper, and more. One thing these manufacturers have in common is the need for an intelligent supply chain.

Elements include:

  • supply chain modernization and collaboration
  • back-office optimization
  • enterprise performance and analytics
  • emerging technologies like IoT & AI

In short, these technologies can optimize efficiencies and accuracy across the board in niche manufacturing businesses.

Choosing the Best Oracle Cloud Consultant

Maybe you already know that you’re ready to transition your on-premise applications to Oracle Cloud. Or perhaps you have questions about the transition process and how your manufacturing company can benefit. In either case, it’s important to have an experienced Oracle Cloud consultant, one with a stellar track record of successful transitions.

To choose the best consultant, steps can include:

  • Asking business colleagues and other professionals for recommendations.
  • Contacting consultants of interest to ask key questions.
  • Making your selection.

Questions can include the type of services a consulting company offers, and ensuring they match with what you need. You can also ask about their certifications and what industry awards they’ve won—and request that they share testimonials and manufacturing case studies.

After you’ve discussed your situation with a consultant and asked your questions, think about how willing they were to provide answers and how clearly they understood and discussed your challenges.

Closer Look at Pre-Implementation Processes

When choosing the right Oracle consultant for your on-premise application transition to Oracle Cloud, pre-implementation processes are important. So, it’s reasonable to ask a consultant about those processes along with:

  • How they will occur
  • When implementation will take place
  • What support services are available, such as organizational change management (OCM), team training, and ongoing Oracle Cloud managed support

How much of a focus does a consultant put on data quality? Questions that should be addressed include:

  • How clean is the on-premise data?
  • Where is it located?
  • Does duplication exist? If so, in what ways? To what degree?
  • What data is still being used? What can be archived?

The same type of time and attention should be given to your company’s documentation. How does it compare against best practices? How closely does the documentation dovetail with processes that are actually taking place at your manufacturing company? Where do differences exist? How should this situation be handled?

Your Oracle consultant should examine these issues in multiple business areas, including  finance, inventory, manufacturing, planning, procurement, and sales. Still other issues to be reviewed by a consultant include process mapping and on-premise customizations, as well as regulations that impact your industry and company.

How will your Cloud consultant optimize the implementation, while integrating other applications and/or third-party solutions? What is their rollout plan and schedule? How will business interruption be managed?

Contact ArganoCSS, the Award-Winning Oracle Consultant

ArganoCSS was one of the very first consulting companies in the Oracle Partner Network to implement and integrate on-premise applications with the Oracle ERP Cloud in a hybrid environment. Our experienced team can transition your manufacturing company’s applications to Oracle Cloud while you keep leveraging robust on-premise application capabilities.

We specialize in creating contemporary solutions for manufacturing companies, with each one uniquely tailored to business needs and goals. This is true when transitions are large, and it’s true when transitions are small. It’s true when companies transition in stages, as well as when they go all-in with a single comprehensive transition.

To discuss your needs and goals, challenges and opportunities, please contact us online for a complimentary consultation.