Migrating Your ERP Solution to Oracle Cloud

Benefits of migrating to the Cloud are numerous, with increasing numbers of companies making the move, giving those enterprises real-time visibility and valuable insights into operations. And, thanks to a new package being created by ArganoCSS consultants, this migration will be faster, and more streamlined and cost effective than ever before, right when you’re ready to maximize your ERP solution through a Cloud migration.

High-Level Look at the Migration

When you migrate your ERP solution to the Oracle Cloud with ArganoCSS, this is the foundation of a continuous delivery model where you’ll receive ongoing updates without the need for a discrete upgrading process. Plus, at ArganoCSS, we first focus on a company’s unique opportunities and challenges before recommending one of many different integration options available to them.

For example, with Skanska Civil USA, their challenges included a lack of visibility into their supplier community, with a system that did not support growth. The solution we recommended was one that included both Cloud Procurement and a JD Edwards 9.2 integration. The result was an integrated hybrid solution that minimized Skanska’s level of risk and saved them millions of dollars in potential fines.

You can compare that situation to one experienced by a Fortune 100 company that provides aviation, marine and land energy, logistics, and technology solutions around the world. This enterprise lacked a fully integrated, formal procurement solution to govern corporate spend. We recommended that the company implement Oracle’s Cloud Procure-to-Pay, integrated with their on-premise Oracle E-Business Suite, and created a roadmap for them to transition their ERP solution to the Cloud in full in the future. In year one, the company saved approximately $4 million on indirect spend, while also reducing rogue spending and boosting spend visibility.

As yet one more example, Egalet Corporation was using an ERP system that was not on a single platform. Plus, their solutions were not modern enough to allow for scalability, thus limiting the company’s plans for growth. To address that, we recommended Cloud ERP Net New, which provided Egalet with a cost-effective deployment model that strategically poised them for expansion.

Complex Embedded Solutions Available

As we customize your solution and leverage out-of-box functionality, we can embed complex solutions, including in the areas of:

This Cloud migration can also be the ideal time to add or enhance functionality. ArganoCSS consultants can optimize functionality in multiple ways, including in:

  • procurement/sourcing
  • projects and portfolio management
  • expense management
  • value chain planning / Demantra
  • agile PLM / innovation management

The iterations are endless, achieved through the proprietary approach and toolset of ArganoCSS. This combination allows us to create exactly the right approach for your hybrid ERP solution/Cloud solution, whether that’s JD Edwards or E-Business Suite. At a high level, we:

  • define the challenges, goals, and more
  • design appropriate solutions
  • build the solutions
  • validate the system
  • deploy your system


More specifically, the Oracle consultant team at ArganoCSS will review your company’s statement of work, workplan, and budget, using these inputs for our initial project planning. Next we determine project team resources for your unique implementation and migration, and then review our recommended approach with you. Through that process, we establish rules for governance and review supporting infrastructure, and then it’s time for a phase checkpoint.

During this phase checkpoint, we’ll review processes internally before moving on, and ask you to do the same. Are we meeting or exceeding expectations? Have any new concerns arisen that should be addressed before we move on to the design stage? It’s much simpler and more cost effective to discuss changes before the design process begins.


This is where the detailed project planning comes in, a process much more in depth than what occurred during the defining stage. We’ll schedule and conduct an official project kickoff, as well as functional and technical design workshops. We’ll review our design at this point, to ensure that it addresses challenges and positions you to meet or exceed your goals, and to make sure that all relevant aspects of the project are included in the plan.

Next comes security planning, increasingly more important today than it was in the past. Then, we’ll reach our second checkpoint where, again, we’ll review what we’ve done to date internally and where you can ask whatever questions have arisen since we started the ERP-to-Cloud migration process.


Now, we’re ready to set up applications and validate their configurations. We’ll load and validate data, build and validate integrations, apply and validate extensions, implement security, and more. At this point, we’ll prepare our cutover strategy, which we’ll implement when the transition is actually ready to take place. But, first: We do another phase checkpoint.


At this point, we’ll update setups and prepare to validate the test scripts. Next up is loading and validating the data. Then, it’s time to conduct an end-to-end review, an in-depth look at everything done to date.

Our ArganoCSS consultants will create a training plan that’s customized to your system, needs, and requests, providing workshops to the people in your company who will conduct the training. Then, it’s phase checkpoint time again!


After the first four steps are complete, it’s time for deployment, focusing on moving new configurations to production, along with integrations and extensions. The ArganoCSS consultant team will load and validate data into production and conduct the final validation review. We’ll conduct a readiness assessment, and then it’s the big moment: the moment to go live!

As we manage the transition, we also provide go-live support, with Oracle Managed Services giving your enterprise ongoing and instant access to the industry knowledge, strategy, and technical skills you need to run your business and take your technology to the next level.

Deeper Dive into Data Conversion Considerations

Some of the tasks we take on include identifying the master data from your company’s legacy system. This can include your address book, supplier master, item master, and so forth. We also identify transactional data, and determine which data elements are needed in your new system. As another step, we determine the amount of history that’s required to migrate; as part of the staging process, we validate data relationships. Through our data conversion, transactional data and analytics can reside in one location.

ERP Cloud Integration Options

From the perspective of inbound integration, we provide simplified, high-volume data loading via CSV files, with SOA-based integration with external systems. When discussing outbound integration, data extraction and reporting is available in multiple formats, including XML, CSV, text, PDF, and Excel. Plus, as with inbound integration, it is SOA-based with external systems.

ArganoCSS for Your Oracle Migrations and Integrations

ArganoCSS is an Oracle-only, Cloud go-to and Specialized Partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), and we’ll soon be providing companies like yours with a new, top-shelf package to migrate your ERP solution to the Oracle Cloud. We’ll help you to simplify your IT environment and amplify efficiency, maximizing your capacity for innovation as we combine the best in Oracle wisdom with the hands-on, deep industry and application knowledge of our consultants.

We look forward to sharing more information about this state-of-the-art, modern migration solution. In the meantime, please contact the Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS to discuss your enterprise technology needs. You can contact us online or call us at 1-800-814-7705.