Oracle Solutions Transform LiDestri Foods’ Supply Chain

A quality supply chain, shares LiDestri CIO John Matrachisia, is really the lifeblood of being a profitable company—and the Oracle Supply Chain Cloud allows LiDestri Foods to manage their highly complex supply chain in real time.

About LiDestri Foods

This company is a contract manufacturer of food, beverages, and spirits, both as a premier private label and as a proprietary brands contract manufacturer. They have six facilities in four different states in the United States and, each year, they supply more than 40 million cases of product.

LiDestri Foods therefore uses huge quantities of fresh ingredients, and must manage traceability from the fields where food is grown, to the plant it enters, to the jar where the food is packaged. Many of these fresh ingredients have a short shelf life, as brief as a few days, which creates a need for laser-targeted visibility into the supply chain to manage accurate, just-in-time delivery.

Supply Chain Challenges

Before the LiDestri team contacted ArganoCSS, they were entering their demand management activities in spreadsheets, keying data manually into their planning system. This was a highly cumbersome and time-consuming process, with the potential for error. This system did not give them the ability to generate automated reports, making it challenging to have enough visibility into their supply chain.

As far as quality standards, the company wanted to maintain their pristine record of not having recalls and to continue to hold the trust of companies that use their services.

Here’s how ArganoCSS helped LiDestri Foods to select and implement the right Cloud solution for their needs.

Choosing Oracle Consultants at CSS

LiDestri executives shared how they owned the on-premise Oracle solution, Demantra—but had not implemented the technology. So, the consultants at ArganoCSS guided the executives through a comparison of Demantra and Oracle’s Supply Chain Cloud solution.

This exercise empowered the LiDestri team to choose their solution, and they picked Supply Chain Planning Cloud with E-Business Suite release 12:1:3. The solution was rolled out to all facilities.


“The combination of Supply Chain Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite will provide a powerful solution that is and will continue to drive savings across our supply chain. With help from ArganoCSS, we identified a road map and integration that will vastly improve processes.” (John Matrachisia, CIO)

ArganoCSS integrated the food company’s technological footprint, including with an on-premise, hosted EBS with EBS-OPM key modules and ASCP—and an implementation plan of less than six months. Through this modernized footprint, the company benefited in multiple ways, including through:

  • saving money on implementation and recurring costs
  • reducing annual support costs and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • eliminating manual systems that have potential for error
  • lowering administrative requirements
  • having easier-to-use, cleaner interfaces
  • integrating demand management processes, with an E-Business Suite / ASCP interface development

The company’s CIO notes how this Oracle solution has allowed LiDestri Foods to benefit from savings of 5-10% because of their ability to reduce inventory through improved visibility and more accurate forecasts.

The food company is also much more sustainable now, with greatly decreased amounts of waste. They have, in fact, reduced their disposed-of ingredients by more than 50%, saving the company millions of dollars.

More about the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

The Oracle SCM Cloud is the most comprehensive in the industry today, and it provides companies with:

  • product innovation
  • strategic material sourcing
  • outsourced manufacturing
  • integrated logistics
  • omnichannel fulfillment
  • integrated demand and supply planning

Modules include the:

  • Logistics Cloud
  • Order Management Cloud
  • Procurement Cloud
  • Product Management Cloud (PLM / PIM)
  • Service Logistics Cloud
  • Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Cloud
  • Supply Chain Execution Cloud (Inventory, Maintenance, Manufacturing)
  • Supply Chain Planning Cloud

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