Putting the Human Touch in Human Capital Management

“HR technology, to be truly effective, must identify and support people as individuals . . . 

Before purchasing and implementing new technologies, HR professionals need to evaluate them not simply on their gee-whiz features or their ability to automate tasks, but on their power to discern, engage, and inspire.” (HR Daily Advisor)

According to the HR Daily Advisor, there are a few touch points in your quest to create a people-friendly HR system. The first is to decide how much technology is enough, meaning that the best systems combine technological systems with human contact. What’s most important, then, is a sense of balance as you “Build human touch into solutions.”

Here’s what else is important: to personalize each employee’s experience in a streamlined way. At the heart of every device, the article shares, is an intuitive user interface—and, although that’s important, overall, it’s even more crucial in the world of HR. Quality solutions must be simple to navigate, with the information easy to consume. These solutions should encourage engagement with and between employees.

In other words, “No one likes a faceless ‘big brother’ work environment. Your HR technology has the ability to either reinforce such barriers, or tear them down.” So, it’s vital to work with vendors who customize people-friendly solutions for you and your team.

How This Applies with HCM Solutions

Because human capital management (HCM) solutions are intended to maximize how people in a company can contribute to corporate success, it just makes sense that these solutions are people-friendly. Oracle has focused on optimizing that aspect of the HCM Cloud in its 2019 spring product update in their initiative to make work “simpler, smarter, and more agile.” Oracle calls this focus “Make Work More Human.”

Overall, the HCM Cloud update helps to ensure that employees have access to products and services that are similar to those used in their personal lives. This will be of special interest to high-impact organizations, which are 3.5 times more likely to consider user experience when delivering human resource services to employees, when compared to low-performing organizations.

The updated HCM Cloud also focuses on helping to make sure that employees can have access to the human resource tools they need when and where they need them.

Oracle Digital Assistant and Help Desk

Using this feature, managers and employees alike can use already-familiar forms of technology to interact with their human resource system. The digital assistant is set up in a way that’s similar to Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, and provides the same types of efficiencies so employees can stay productive.

Through the expanded access to the HR Help Desk, all of your employees can seek answers to HR FAQs, doing so more quickly and efficiently. Information can be found, for example, on how to set up direct deposits, understanding company benefits and much more.

Because employees have such ready access to relevant human resource information, your HR professionals can focus on other priorities, knowing that accurate, consistent answers are being provided. Because some questions are asked more often than others, articles found in the knowledge base can be ranked by popularity. They can also be filtered by category for ease of use.

Tools for HR Professionals

New workforce capabilities assist your human resource team, facilitating the delivery of what Oracle calls a “hyper-personalized employee experience” so you can “Align your people strategy with your long-term business strategy.”

Plus, for ease of use, this update brings strategic workforce planning capabilities into the Cloud, which means your human resource team can manage all of their planning in one convenient place.

Employee Recruitment

When it comes time to recruit candidates to your company, Oracle’s HCM Cloud offers enhanced options to schedule interviews to speed up the process and make it easier for your company to find just the right new members for your team.

More specifically, predefined interview templates reduce the time it takes to arrange interviews with numerous candidates because preferred candidates receive invites to book an interview time. Once the time is confirmed, both the recruiter and the candidate receive a notification.

Plus, you can create powerfully customized job sites to target the candidate pools you desire. For example, you can create a site that uniquely targets college graduates. As another feature, external candidates can export LinkedIn profiles, as well as those from Indeed, plus their resumes. Then, connections are made between candidates that have the desired skills and interests with relevant job opportunities in your company.

Unique User Experiences

As part of Oracle’s focus on making work more human, updates have been made to the Oracle HCM Design Studio so your HR professionals can configure usage for each business unit, legal employer, or role with no need for coding. Your company will have control over section displays of fields, including the following: add/change assignment; hire an employee; add contingent worker; global transfer; change location; promotion; change manager; transfer; change working hours; and termination.

Personal Touch at CSS

When it comes time to implement Oracle’s HCM Cloud and integrate it into your enterprise technology, ArganoCSS is the smart choice. Like Oracle, we recognize how it’s crucial to provide companies like yours with the customized services they need —and, at ArganoCSS, you can count on resource consistency throughout your project.

We have low turnover at ArganoCSS, which means your enterprise will be assigned an experienced project team that will guide you from start to finish, with each team led by a senior consultant. Plus, we do way more than just push buttons. Through our managed services, we work as an extension of your staff, leveraging technology so that your enterprise can increase functionality, improve operating efficiency, and lower costs.

And, leaving corporate speak behind, we like to describe ourselves as a motley crew, with varied interests, backgrounds, hobbies, passions and skill sets. You can get to know the ArganoCSS family here!

If you’d like to talk about your own HCM Cloud requirements, simply contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705.