Seamlessly Delivering Remote ERP Solutions

Wondering if we can deploy ERP solutions remotely? Well, the country has landed a Rover on Mars without a single person onboard—so, yes. We can! And, this post shares how remotely delivered ERP services can benefit your company, with ArganoCSS uniquely positioned to provide them.

Today’s Challenges

The year 2020 will, without a doubt, go down as the year that changed everything, with today’s economic and organizational situation presenting many issues, including:

  • market instability and unpredictable cash flow
  • financial projects going out of kilter
  • supply chains thrown off balance
  • reduction in personnel (who now have to do more with less)
  • increased workforce stress

Today’s unprecedented challenges have also created a sudden, massive shift from on-site service delivery to the majority of work being performed remotely by internal teams and their consulting partners—and rapidly transitioning a business to successful remote project delivery can be a big task.

Managing an ERP Project Remotely

Think about why your company is funding your ERP project in the first place. In a few weeks or months, addressing those challenges will become more urgent than ever before, because these applications help to solve the types of problems we’re currently experiencing through better visibility, improved reaction speeds, and collaborative planning.

Why stop now just because you may be working from home?

How, though, can you effectively manage an ERP project when teammates are scattered across town—or even across the country? Although technologies like Zoom can facilitate conference calls, they may actually hinder successfully achieving remote work if they’re deployed without proper consideration for the way teams and individuals process information.

To help your company, we’ll share three key factors that have helped ArganoCSS during this tumultuous time and describe how each of these elements can help your business, as well.

Glimpse into ArganoCSS Adjustments

When the coronavirus hit, ArganoCSS consulting travel came to an abrupt halt—but the projects kept rolling remotely. Fortunately, ArganoCSS had three things in its favor:

  1. Flexible project governance that was designed to work in any situation—including virtual ones
  2. Proprietary tools to manage work and enable better communication across project stakeholders
  3. Organizational change management (OCM) capabilities baked into every project—OCM was important before; now it’s essential

Since going to 100% remote delivery, we at ArganoCSS haven’t skipped a beat. Once the world returns to normal (whatever that will look like), we anticipate continued heavy reliance on remote work as a central part of our delivery model. Here’s how we do it, and how we can help your company manage ERP projects in today’s environment.

Project Governance

The physical and intellectual distancing inherent in remote teams can create significant challenges for a typical project—which makes project governance even more important for successful implementations.

Project governance is like gravity—it holds everything together. And, by project governance, we mean in how we provide leadership through our methodologies and accountability.

When we originally designed our methodology, it was intended to support up to 75% of the workload remotely. Coronavirus changed all that and now all of our work is currently remote. How did we tweak it for remote work? We added significantly more structure, delivered in an even more laser-focused way.

For instance, in a traditional on-site model, our project managers might plan testing activities in two- to four-hour blocks. Now we do it in 15-minute increments. Regular cadence meetings have moved from weekly to daily, being shorter and much more intensely focused.

Changes in our readiness assessments help us to be more accountable than ever. We’ve made extensive use of online survey tools to gather current, accurate pictures of progress along the way. These in turn drive targeted follow-ups and interventions that help make sure the project stays in alignment. They also deliver substantial cost savings compared to on-site readiness assessments. Online surveys were a part of a tool bag before but, in the wake of 2020, they will be featured prominently in all our projects—remote or on-site.

Proprietary Tools

We leverage our online, collaborative toolset that provides a single source of truth in real time for all project activities so team members spend less time reporting statuses and more time executing tasks and addressing obstacles. More specifically:

  • Project delivery platform (PDP): We’ve spent eight years using and refining our toolset.
  • Online dashboards: These provide real-time project activity status throughout the project with drilldowns to detailed data.
  • Push notifications: These help us to granularly manage assigned project tasks.

Our ArganoCSS Active Trainer Methodology, meanwhile, allows us to effectively deliver training and support, whether remotely or in-person. Using that methodology, we leverage multiple training and onboarding tools, including pre-built online Oracle Cloud training and rapid development of customized training and documentation.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

In life and in business, the one constant is change. Yes, what we’re experiencing is more dramatic than in the past, but that just points to an even more significant need for change management.

ArganoCSS has continually been at the forefront, helping customers to adapt to change as seamlessly as possible through the use of technology/software, business processes, and human/organizational change techniques. We’ve built the tools, developed the methodology, and cultivated the leadership needed to tackle today’s tough challenges.

This involves comprehensive management of the human impact of change, as we support rapid absorption and adoption of change. OCM components include:

  • Organizational risk and readiness profiles
  • Personnel predictive analytics and behavioral management tools for conversion, engagement, and retention
  • Executive, leadership, and organizational alignment
  • Proprietary project set-up and deployment
  • Directive change and project communications using traditional, modern, fluid methods
  • Facilitation of an active organizational change network designed to cascade impact management/mitigation, end-user engagement, training, and long-term sustainability
  • Coordinated active trainer programs designed to effectively deliver training over multiple platforms, tools, locations, and methods
  • Performance reinforcement and risk reduction

Working Remotely with CSS

Travel costs are greatly reduced, if not eliminated, which can reduce ERP project budgets right off the top.

Then there are time issues. Typically, our traveling consultants spend eight to sixteen hours weekly in commuting with heads-down time with stakeholders that can last days. With remote collaborations, project duration can be compressed, accelerating time-to-value on your ERP project’s investment.

Contact Us for Your ERP Solution

ArganoCSS has more than 25 years of experience in delivering and refining a high-impact model to deliver ROI to the individual needs of the organization, whether we’re onsite at one or more locations, or remotely. Contact us online today so that we can discuss the specifics of your ERP project.