Seven Best Reasons to Upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 provides powerful new functionalities with a streamlined installation process to boost your enterprise’s efficiency and overall performance. As Oracle shared in their initial press release about 12.2, this upgrade will empower companies to “leverage an integrated suite of business applications to make better decisions, reduce costs and increase performance.”

If your company is considering an upgrade to E-Business Suite 12.2, here are seven reasons why it’s time to get started. If you have any questions as you read this post, contact a ArganoCSS consultant online or by phone at 1-800-814-7705.

#1 Oracle Continues to Evolve

Over the years, Oracle E-Business Suite has evolved, with the goal being to continue to expand application functionality, usability, and scalability, with an ongoing commitment to a reduced total cost of ownership. In a guide titled Best Practices for Upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite, the company shares that this enterprise resource planning solution took “dramatic leaps” in improvement with Release 12 (with even more cutting-edge improvements included in 12.2).

Reasons to upgrade your Oracle E-Business Suite application include the following:

  • accessing new functionality
  • positioning your enterprise to achieve business goals through leveraging new technology
  • facilitating regulatory compliance:
    • at lower costs
    • by retiring customizations
    • by incorporating standard processes throughout your enterprise
  • leveraging enhancements for performance and usability purposes
  • boosting application efficiency
  • receiving the highest levels of application support
  • remaining eligible for regulatory and tax updates
  • readying your business to consider adding cloud functionality to EBS

Deciding to upgrade can be a complex decision, involving technical infrastructure decisions, timeframe considerations, business needs and timelines, and more. Oracle has significantly invested in E-Business Suite research and development, and experienced ArganoCSS consultants are ready to help you take advantage of these enhancements.

The rest of the benefits listed in this post specifically focus on this version.

#2 Streamlined Installation

In the past, companies sometimes hesitated to upgrade their enterprise resource planning solutions because of the complexity of the installation process. E-Business Suite 12.2, however, can be installed on existing database servers, significantly streamlining the installation process, and can be added to existing Real Application Clusters environments. Configurations and customizations are also streamlined. Database deployment is available via Automatic Storage Management (ASM), among other file systems.

Plus, if you currently have E-Business Suite, a direct upgrade path is available without needing to employ the E-Business Suite 12 intermediate release. To take advantage of this direct path, companies must apply the minimum baseline patch for extended support. If you currently have an earlier release, such as 11.5.7, you will need to upgrade to at least the level to take advantage of the direct upgrade opportunity through the use of the extended support patch.

#3 Downtime Greatly Reduced Through Online Patching

Any time you upgrade your enterprise resource planning application, your company benefits from new functionality, and this version has included a revolutionary one: online patching. This means that you can apply patches to your system while it is still running and fully operational, and while users are still online. Oracle has called this patching a “revolutionary breakthrough for organizations with high-availability requirements, such as manufacturers and organizations with users around the world, allowing them to dramatically reduce patching and maintenance downtimes.”

In the past, operations needed to be performed as quickly as possible to reduce downtime. Compare that situation to this version, when users remain online during patching operations. In fact, the only downtime needed occurs during a restart of tier services, and that process will take minutes, not hours. Throughout the restart, the E-Business Suite database remains open. You can even plan this restart outside of business hours, and online patching entirely eliminates the need for Maintenance Mode.

Online patching takes place through a cycle containing five interrelated steps.

  1. During the preparation stage of patching, a new patch is created in the database.
  2. During the application phase, the patch (or patches) is updated and applied, allowing for customization as needed.
  3. Invalid objects are compiled during the finalization stage, and derived objects are generated.
  4. Next is the cutover stage, where configurations take place; this is when the application tier services needs restarting, scheduled when it makes the most sense for your business.
  5. The final stage involves cleanup and deletions to free up space. The bottom line is that critical business operations, including revenue-producing ones, can continue to take place, 24/7.

Refer to this FAQ about online patching functionality, as needed. Or, contact your ArganoCSS consultant with questions about how this function applies to security patches, one-off patches, rollups, and consolidated updates, and whatever other questions you have. The tool used is the AD Online Patching (adop) command-line utility and, once you upgrade to 12.2, you can no longer apply patches in the method available before this release.

#4 Business Value Increased Through Enhancements

E-Business Suite 12.2 offers hundreds of cross-industry capabilities, with numerous areas enhanced from previous versions. Enhancements in this upgrade include:

  • Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector: This fully integrated procure-to-pay system helps drive efficiencies while aligning compliance with regulations, designed to help governmental organizations achieve business efficiency, standardize contract processes, streamline acquisition processes, facilitate intelligence-driven decision processes, and ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Oracle Financials: This application allows enterprises to work smarter and more securely, managing global finances from one single integrated system. You can integrate this financial application with the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub and Oracle Data Relationship Management to boost efficiency, improve automation, and support evolving accounting and reporting compliance requirements.
  • Oracle Project Planning and Control: Users can integrate their planning and tracking to keep projects on time and within budget, thanks to improved budgeting and forecasting visibility. Changes are effectively managed, with insight into costs associated with potential changes and more.
  • Oracle Purchasing: E-Business Suite 12.2 provides the most effective procure-to-pay cycle automation available, allowing enterprises to boost supply base management, nimbly adapt purchasing practices and more, thanks to improved integration and embedded best practices.
  • Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management: This enhanced application allows companies to make smart supplier decisions, with streamlined registration and review processes, high-visibility, cross-functional performance evaluations, risk mitigation, effective supplier governance and more.

Supply chain management enhancements available through E-Business Suite 12.2 include the following:

  • Oracle Order Management: This new solution leverages Oracle Configurator, and improves sales visibility as it empowers customers through online self-service tracking functionality and expedites sales cycles, overall, with volume commitments and pre-negotiated terms. Oracle’s Configurator, meanwhile, enables guided selling in multiple languages, while providing real-time pricing, even with complex pricing strategies. This feature also supports multiple sales channels from a single configuration, allowing users to add service lines automatically to products, and can create subscription contracts directly from the module.

This latest release also contains the updated version of Oracle Payroll and Oracle Time and Labor. Plus, Oracle Projects and Oracle HR Payroll are tightly integrated in this release, allowing enterprises to manage multiple labor rates for individual employees. Other benefits include streamlined project cost estimation, especially valuable for the construction industry, consultants and other service-based industries. Costs can be managed based on each employee’s role in a particular project, even when roles and costs change for that employee as he or she switches projects.

You can find guides to the various components of E-Business Suite 12.2 here.

#5 Technical Improvements

In this upgrade, Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J) 10g from the 12.0 and 12.1 versions is replaced with WebLogic Server 11g. This technology takes E-Business Suite data through the metadata dictionary. It then makes the constructed HTML page available to end users through Apache (Listener) technology. WebLogic creates hybrid applications through the use of OAF-ADF and optimizes clustering performances.

This change is described in an Oracle setup guide in the following way: “This has resulted in a reduced role for AutoConfig in the configuration of the Oracle HTTP Server and the oacore, oafm, forms and forms-c4ws services.”

This upgrade has also improved Oracle Fusion Application integrations, with a prebuilt one between Fusion Accounting Hub and Data Relationship Manager. Because of this improvement, automatic data transfer and data synchronization is enabled to deploy Fusion Applications more easily. Going forward, this release will be the default for all deployments for Fusion Application Coexistence. And, ArganoCSS consultants can implement all of these enhancements for your enterprise, answering whatever questions you have.

#6 Intuitive Look, Feel, and Experience

Icon-based page navigation gives version 12.2 a new look, feel, and user experience. Users can click on an icon to receive a summary of recent notifications, and they can scroll through new user interactions, detach tables, choose wider work widths, and use new widgets designed to improve productivity.

#7 New Password Options

In this release, a new utility (AFPASSWD) requires no systems user or apps passwords, unlike FNDCPASS. This allows companies to separate database administrator and application administrator duties. There are also additional options available when it’s time to change your password. These enhancements are not large, but many organizations will find them helpful as they provide greater flexibility and more opportunities to precisely match your business needs.

E-Business Suite 12.2 Upgrade

If you’ve decided now is the time to upgrade to take advantage of all these new functionalities and features, enhancements and improved user experiences, we recommend you take these five steps:

  • Assemble your project team
  • Determine overall goals of the upgrade
  • Allocate sufficient time and resources to the project
  • Establish your target release date
  • Consider all the ways in which partnering with an experienced E-Business Suite consultant adds value

Your project team will likely consist of a dedicated project manager, along with an executive steering committee, technical team, representatives from key business processes, functional specialists, a tax specialist and an experienced Oracle consultant team, like CSS.

Goals will vary widely from enterprise to enterprise, as will time and resources needed for the upgrade. Time and resources will vary based upon the number of modules implemented, the complexity and scope of your current customizations, the number of your integrations and their extent, your testing procedures in connection with the release, and any other system changes affected by and therefore changing with the upgrade.

Choose ArganoCSS as Your Oracle E-Business Suite Consultant

Oracle E-Business Suite serves as the center of your technology footprint, so it’s crucial to ensure your solutions dovetail with your enterprise processes and goals. It’s also crucial to have ArganoCSS experience at your side. The benefits of choosing ArganoCSS for your upgrade include:

  • faster integration times
  • embedded business intelligence
  • measurable results
  • quick response times

No two upgrades are ever the same, but ArganoCSS will tailor a solution that fits your needs. You can find more information about our philosophy of and experience with E-Business Suite upgrades, and you can call us at 1-800-814-7705 today to discuss your unique challenges, goals, and needs.

Additional benefits of choosing ArganoCSS include recommendations from our experienced consultant that:

  • fit your current business model
  • incorporate best practices
  • can have shorter go-live times
  • can be implemented in phases, segmented by:
    • module
    • line of business
    • geography
    • combination of unique factors
  • minimize risk
  • include change management as you align your business processes with modules without interruption
  • allow you to meet enterprise benchmarks, address business challenges and meet or exceed goals

At ArganoCSS, we recognize that one size does not fit all. So we combine the very best of Oracle wisdom with client-focused, optimized solutions for your enterprise resource planning needs, customer relationship management computer applications, and supply chain management. This modern solution allows you to connect with customers efficiently and effectively, streamline speed to market, adopt new technologies, and more successfully manage your company’s growth.

ArganoCSS is an award-winning partner of the Oracle Partner Network, a specialized leading Oracle-only systems integrator. We have provided services to some of the most recognizable brands running E-Business Suite today, including Arby’s, David Yurman and Cummins, Inc. We provide solutions in numerous industries for mid- to large-sized companies using our proprietary hands-on approach. A senior consultant will be assigned to your project from beginning to end, giving you valuable resource consistency, along with deep industry guidance and leadership. Senior consultants typically average 20 years of Oracle experience.

If it’s time for you to upgrade to 12.2 and you’re ready to talk to a highly experienced Oracle E-Business Suite consultant team, contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705 today.