A Shared Support Model Drives Better Success

I recently chatted with a client, a CIO of a $20B global engineering and construction firm. We were talking about providing steady support for his organization, post go-live, now that they were fully operational with their new enterprise resource planning solution. We also talked about whether JDE managed services with ArganoCSS could help his business grow and compete globally.

The short answer to that last topic is, “Yes, we can. Our managed services team can help businesses grow and compete around the world.” Here are more specifics.

Client JDE Footprint

This client I was talking to uses JDE 9.2 as the company’s core ERP solution, which connects to other mission critical tools, including:

  • Estimating
  • Supplier Qualification Management
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Ticketing

This client’s service management organization has the goal of resolving all issues in a single call, while their client is on the phone, and they’re passionate about maximizing internal resources.

So, that’s a snapshot of this business, one that’s now one of our largest JDE managed services clients. Smart CIOs, like the one I was talking to, realize that, while it makes sense to wisely leverage internal resources, it can also be highly efficient and effective to outsource select functions. Addressing that mix strategically allows businesses to grow and compete—while continuing to provide outstanding customer service.

Benefits of JDE Managed Services

The continuous delivery model that fuels our managed services provides clients with numerous benefits, including:

  • Faster upgrades
  • Frequent enhancements
  • Lower costs
  • Shorter time-to-value cycles
  • Minimized risk associated with major releases
  • Integrated managed services
  • Minimized customizations
  • Advantages of the Cloud experience

Each of these is provided on a customer-driven schedule to maximize impact and benefits.

More About the Continuous Delivery Model

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Cloud has revolutionized ERP, in part because new features can seamlessly be added to applications, even as often as weekly. Smartphones have, in turn, revolutionized how people can receive information and this has changed their expectations about new functionalities. They expect notifications about them often, provided in a timely way so that business needs can continue to be supported in the most modern ways.

That’s exactly what the JDE continuous delivery model provides: more choice and more control for organizations leveraging its power. Companies can benefit from application enhancements on their schedule, no longer needing to wait years to receive a major update.

In the past, businesses needed to pay for updates and then address potential business interruption. With incremental enhancements to JDE, provided through the continuous delivery model, time-to-value cycles are significantly shortened, with new functionalities easier to incorporate into business processes. This model allows companies to enjoy the functionality of the Cloud while using their on-premise investment.

In short, your company can reduce the cost, risk, and time associated with implementing major releases as you incrementally enhance the JDE applications you are already leveraging.

Details About the Shared Support Model

Here are steps that the ArganoCSS project field team—the best in the business—will take to maximize your ERP technology:

  • Help to upgrade you to JDE 9.2, if needed
  • Keep system code current
  • Extend your internal capabilities
  • Provide emergency support
  • Fill in gaps with specialty skills

JDE 9.2 customers who are on Oracle’s continuous delivery model will receive enhancements and extended support until at least October 2028. Your company can receive the cutting-edge benefits associated with rapid Cloud innovation while reaping the benefits of your investment in JD Edwards.

The shared support model at ArganoCSS includes the following elements:

  • Enhancements analysis and fit for your company
  • At least one annual tools upgrade
  • At least one major annual ESU
  • Custom code retrofits
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Functional support
  • Technical support
  • 24/7 access to JDE consultants


ArganoCSS Options

We offer three tiers of our JDE managed services to help you to get exactly the right kind of support. They include the following:

  • Basic package: This provides you with assistance when it’s needed, whether that’s help desk support or system administration.
  • Managed package: This can be the smart choice for organizations in growth, as we act as an extension of your team, allowing you to benefit from our experience and in-depth knowledge.
  • Strategic package: This package is designed for companies that want to maximize value and realize the true potential of this technological solution. With this package, we push the limits of your system, reaching for optimal business results.

Here’s how this can look in real life.

Managed Services Case Studies

Quanta Services is a flagship JD Edwards client with a unique operational model. When the company’s IT team needed to migrate every one of their operating units into the corporate JDE system, it was a daunting task. Although they already had deep experience with the application, they didn’t have enough resources for such a huge undertaking.

So, ArganoCSS was called in for help, with our managed services team handling remote configurations  and testing activities to provide relief for onsite Quanta professionals. This collaboration allowed Quanta to exponentially extend its team, which sped up the JDE migration timeframes. Here’s more about this managed services case study.

Turner Industries also leveraged JD Edwards managed services through ArganoCSS. Turner valued their JDE application but recognized how they needed to minimize customizations for scalability and future growth. Careful attention needed to be given to payroll system transitioning; integrating Turner-specific functionalities; and addressing third-party technologies.

Here are the specific strategies that ArganoCSS used to meet those challenges, with managed support allowing Turner to focus on operating and growing their business.

Choose ArganoCSS as Your JD Edwards Integrator

We’ve been a trusted provider of Oracle consulting services for more than 20 years, and our managed services provide comprehensive turnkey support. As a managed services client, you’ll have our attention, 24/7, with our support team staffed by senior employees based in the United States. We’ll provide business value by keeping your ERP solution’s code current and working hard for you. Contact us online!

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