Uncover Optimization Issues in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

When business leaders embark on an ERP implementation, they often try to mitigate challenges such as complexity to implement, cost to engage with a system integration partner, and the internal resource impact with extended timelines. As a result, many initial implementations suffer and often only include solutions with baseline configurations to meet basic business needs. Even those organizations that successfully implemented an ERP system and met the needs of multiple business areas, may find their business requirements change over time due to growth, mergers and acquisitions, new product development or customer demands. In both cases, it is important for organizations to leverage their investment by finding a system integration partner who specializes in identifying business requirements that aren’t being met, and offering solutions to eliminate pain points experienced throughout the organization. This important optimization process can uncover missed value that equates to significant dollars.

As a business leader, your role in optimizing your ERP investment should include:

1. Establishing a consultant team who is able to think forward and is fully aware of the company’s strategic direction.

2. Identify modules you currently own, but not yet implemented or only partially implemented.

3. Solicit feedback from employees who are hands-on.

4. Engage with a system integration partner that performs assessments which include best practices and a roadmap for optimization.

Identifying your organizations root causes to recurring problems can significantly increase your ERP cost savings. Take the next steps by setting goals, preparing your organization for change to begin experiencing additional benefits of your ERP investment.

ArganoCSS has a proven optimization methodology that has helped EBS clients identify under-performing and/or under-utilized modules, and implemented that functionality for improved processes and better performing ERP solutions. We will be hosting a complimentary quickcast on this topic in November. If you’re interested, register here.