Value of the Internet of Things (IoT) Integrated into JD Edwards

By Jason Andrews, Director of Solutions, ArganoCSS International, Inc.

When humans manually enter data, the process can be lengthy and tedious (read: expensive!) and human error occurs, even with the most conscientious of employees. Because crucial enterprise-wide decisions are made based upon this data, a relatively small input error can have far-reaching effects, costing companies significant sums of money and diluting their ability to make the most strategic business decisions.

To boost the accuracy of data input, increasing numbers of successful enterprises are choosing machine-to-machine input systems. This allows companies to also increase the frequency of data input for real-time visibility. Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in this input and, when you integrate your JD Edwards system with an IoT solution, your enterprise benefits from always-on, real-time data in your applications.

In a video produced by Oracle, it refers to the use of IoT-gathered real-time data as a high-performance, fuel-injected data system that comes with tremendous business value. The video, found here, suggests a transition plan to its usage. The plan starts with an enterprise identifying a key business challenge for JD Edwards to solve and then using that challenge as a pilot test. For the pilot, companies can start with just a couple of devices and, as the pilot project proves its ROI, the IoT usage can be expanded, device-wise and project-wise.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Studio/IoT Orchestrator

This powerful combination serves as the last mile of a process that continually transforms data collected through devices into real-time data in your ERP system. The Orchestrator Studio is a web-based application that orchestrates the transference of IoT device-collected data into transaction-capable data in JD Edward in real time. The result is, according to Forbes, “optimized operations, nimble responsiveness, clearer analytics, and better regulatory compliance.”

This system allows your company to create a whitelist of relevant data centers and devices, providing cross-referencing capabilities. Input is automatically filtered, and your ERP system is updated according to your pre-established business rules.

IoT Orchestrator with IoT Cloud Service

With this combination, you can scale your usage from hundreds of devices to literally millions, using a cloud platform without an incremental capital investment. This is ideal for sub-second, fast-data, real-time apps, providing real-time streaming analytics. Cloud authentication provides secure, bidirectional communication. When using the IoT Orchestrator with the IoT Cloud service, your enterprise can handle massive data volumes, suitable for integration with multiple applications and cloud services: JD Edwards, Oracle’s E-Business Suite, E1, CS, ICS, MCS and more. Connectivity is supported for a wide range of devices via gateway s/w, REST APIs, and client libraries.

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When devices are connected to JD Edwards directly, data retrieval is faster and more accurate. Simpler, too. Business processes are optimized with streamlined operational efficiency, with real-time visibility provided.

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