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Category: EPM

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EPM Solutions Go Beyond Finance: HR and IT Benefits

When first thinking about enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions, it’s only natural to think about how finance professionals would use them. After all, they’re the core users of these types of applications. But, with today’s modern EPM solutions in the Cloud, data sharing and collaboration opportunities exist for more than the finance professionals in your […]

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Business Planning and Forecasting: Is Your SMB Keeping Up?

In today’s rapidly changing business world, it can be challenging to plan and forecast quickly enough. To help your company, Jim Webb from CSS shares his insights on the Oracle blog, as well as in this post. These two functions—financial planning and forecasting—are related, but not the same. Planning, for example, allows you to: determine […]

Predictive analytics can drive accuracy with EPM Cloud

Advanced Predictive Analytics: Catalyst for Success

The world of predictive analytics has significantly evolved, making advanced usage a real game-changer, even for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Reasons why this technology is a game-changer include how: a superior forecasting model is now available. technology is much simpler to use. outcomes are easier to: share apply explain this technology can be used […]

Why All Businesses Need Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

If you could climb into a time machine and go back ten years, you’d be in an era when enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions were considered a luxury enjoyed only by big companies. Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) got by with manual entry into spreadsheets. While these SMBs could get by with spreadsheets, this system was clearly […]

Moving to the Cloud: Solutions for SMBs

Why Companies (of Any Size) Have No Excuse Not to Move to the Cloud Benefits of moving applications to the Cloud are time-tested and significant, including how companies can: become more efficient boost productivity innovate more quickly reduce costs become more competitive improve communications have real-time visibility benefit from enhanced security enjoy flexibility Initially, as […]

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On-Demand Webcast: The Performance Management Imperative: Delivering Predictive Insight with Oracle EPM

We’ve entered an era where data powers everything that we do. Being able to leverage solutions to provide predictive analytics means financial professionals can address challenges and implement strategic imperatives to improve analytic capabilities.. Oracle’s EPM Cloud solution can help you drive action from your insights. During the 1-hour on-demand webcast, Oracle, CSS, and the […]

Overcoming Barriers to Cloud Computing Adoption

Benefits of Cloud computing are significant, providing companies around the globe with the ability to streamline scalable IT environments in a way that boosts efficiency while reducing costs and facilitating innovation. Despite all its benefits, though, too many companies are not yet taking advantage of all that Cloud computing has to offer, so this post […]

EPM Cloud

Graniterock CIO, Nicole Laurence, on EPM Cloud and Long-Term Planning

CSS client, Graniterock, recently went live on Oracle’s EPM Cloud solution. Nicole Laurence, CIO at Graniterock, sat down with Oracle to talk about how the solution will help them plan for decades to come. Watch the InfoQuote

Practical Predictive Modeling

Practical Predictive Modeling to Improve Your Forecasts

“Next year, we need to do five percent better.” “In the upcoming year, we should cut expenses by ten percent.” As competition rises in the business world, companies continually need to boost revenues, reduce expenses, and become increasingly more profitable. But, if you’ve ever been in a budgeting meeting where statements like those above have […]

On-Demand Webcast: EPM Cloud & E-Business Suite at Blue Nile

Oracle, CSS and client Blue Nile, a large jewelry distributor, hosted a live webcast discussing the value of EPM Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite. Blue Nile’s senior director of FP&A, Stacie Robbins, shared her perspectives on why they selected EPM Cloud, how they implemented in just 9 weeks, the profound impact it’s already had on […]