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Category: OCM

Leadership’s Role in Driving Change Management: Part III

PART THREE: The Principles Continuing our series on leadership’s role in engineering and construction implementations, part three will focus on some fundamental principles leadership should apply to ensure success. If sound physics states that force equals mass times velocity, it shouldn’t matter who is measuring the force, or what day it is for that matter. […]

Organizational Change Management

Leadership’s Role in Driving Change Management: Part II

PART TWO: The Challenge In the first part of this series, we took a look at change within the engineering and construction (E&C) industry and how organizational change management (OCM) is a key component to the adoption of change. In part two we will look at some of the challenges that come with transformational changes […]

Leadership’s Role in Driving Change Management: Part I

PART ONE: The Change As a practitioner of clinical/organizational psychology and behavioral sciences, I am keenly aware that “change is more than change,” it’s individual; yet, people and systems (organizations) are predictable. CSS’ methodology of integrating organizational change management into project delivery, system and business transformation is rooted in the application of these sciences along […]