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Category: Procurement Cloud

Benefits of Integrated Solutions: Sourcing, P2P, Supplier Management

This post is focused on the decision of selecting a niche vendor solution versus an ERP module that is seamlessly integrated. The question is often asked: Niche solution or the module from the ERP provider? There are many answers from various perspectives including: Niche vendor or perceived “best of breed” ERP/financials provider CIO CFO Procurement/sourcing […]

3 Questions to Ask About Procurement in the Cloud

There are very different business requirements between how large enterprises and small-to medium businesses (SMBs) source goods and services. Yet the goals are the same: provide a consistent experience for end users who manage procurement, focus on supplier management, drive product quality and lower costs. With procurement now a strategic part of indirect and direct […]

Oracle Procurement Cloud & JD Edwards: In-Depth Look at Skanska USA – Webcast Replay

Skanska USA faced multiple problems, largely because of scalability issues. It had made 20 different acquisitions, challenging in and of itself, with each of its five regions in the United States following different procedures without any standardized best practices. Because of this unfettered growth, it was unable to track relevant information effectively enough, leading to […]

Oracle Procurement Cloud & E-Business Suite: In-Depth Look at Cummins, Inc. – Webcast Replay

Cummins, Inc. recognized a need: It needed to build capability in its purchasing functions using common tools, controlled processes and data that enabled all relevant people to collaborate and make confident decisions. Cummins defined success as when it could all rely upon one source to get the right information to the right people at the […]

Sourcing and Procurement Return on Investment

By Glenn White, Procurement Strategist, CSS International, Inc. To succeed in today’s global economy, enterprises find they must be fiercely lean, focused on the bottom line—and companies that enhance their sourcing and procurement processes contribute directly and significantly to competitive advantage by enhancing bottom line with measurable results. One key metric to monitor in this […]

3 Considerations for SMBs and Cloud Procurement Systems

Read the CSS contribution on Oracle.com/blogs titled ‘3 Considerations for SMBs and Cloud Procurement Systems’. Read more

Integration of Platform as a Service and Supply Chain Procurement

From January 29 through 31, 2018, more than 2,500 people attended the Modern Supply Chain Experience in San Jose, with quality education provided on a wide range of supply chain topics by top professionals, including Angela Wilson, Consultant/Contractor, CSS International, Inc. Wilson shared crucial insights on the topic of platform as a service (PaaS) and […]

CFO Magazine E-Book Featuring CSS: A Look at Procurement from a Strategic Perspective

CSS is proud to be an exclusive partner invited by CFO Magazine and Oracle to contribute to the publication’s e-book, focused on cloud procurement. Topics covered in the publication include the evolution from purchasing to procurement, and the impact on the bottom line; how an optimized procurement process can help meet customer demand and support […]

Cloud Procurement Webcast Replays: World Fuel Services & Skanska USA

Skanska USA one-hour webcast. David Spaker, Vice President of Business and IT Systems, discussed Skanska’s ‘Cloud first’ approach and how they integrated their on-premise Oracle ERP (JD Edwards) to Strategic Cloud Procurement. World Fuel has a long term strategy to move entirely to Cloud ERP but currently has a hybrid Cloud / on-premise solution in […]

Strategic Procurement Cloud Webcast Replay

On December 8th, we hosted a live webcast with our client, Skanska USA. During the one-hour webcast, David Spaker, Vice President of Business and IT Systems, discussed Skanska’s ‘Cloud first’ approach and how they integrated their on-premise Oracle ERP (JD Edwards) to Strategic Cloud Procurement. Download the replay