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Category: Support

longterm ERP strategy

4 Essential Steps to Creating a Long-Term ERP Strategy

ERP systems are meant to streamline business operations and help complex organizations manage tasks across various departments. But too often, ERP systems become cumbersome and inefficient, taking up valuable resources and investment without giving businesses the advantages they’re looking for. The result is an ERP investment that has little to no strategic benefit. How does […]

5 Ways Oracle Support Services Help Enterprises Meet Business Goals

Oracle ERP systems are some of the most popular business tools to manage daily operations. Systems bring a variety of benefits including increased efficiency and productivity, integrated and centralized information storage and analysis, increased mobility and flexibility – all of which can contribute to a more efficient and competitive company as a whole. However, managing […]

The Marathon After the Sprint

By Pete Ballou, Vice President of Managed Services, CSS International, Inc. ERP projects can feel like a crazy, exhausting sprint to the finish line. You’re out of breath, wanting to celebrate that you’re live on the new system. Better processes and shiny new techie features. Life is good and we can all go back to […]

Managed Services for E&C: Why It’s Built for Your Industry

Find out why many engineering and construction companies are using CSS’ application managed services to support their tier 1 JD Edwards solution. Managed Services offers E&C firms the best support at a lower cost than a FTE, and ensures 24/7 coverage. What’s not to love?

20-min Quickcast: Smithfield Foods Talks About the Value of Managed Services

In a 20-minute Quickcast, IT Director Jona Smith, talks about the value that managed services for JD Edwards brings to her organization.

Managed Services Provides Concierge Service for JD Edwards

Save 30% or more on operational costs and get 24/7 access to JD Edwards functional and technical experts. CSS Managed Services for JD Edwards allows you to lower costs, mitigate risk and concentrate on core business objectives. Consider us your JD Edwards concierge. And sign up to receive a complimentary benefits analysis from CSS. Learn […]