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Transforming Your Business Through Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud allows your company to benefit from previously unimagined levels of performance, security controls, and cost savings. When you transition enterprise planning applications to the Cloud, you are creating a streamlined IT environment. This creates ready access to a broad suite of integrated business tools, which boosts efficiency and facilitates innovation. When you house applications in the ERP Cloud, you can benefit via quicker time to market for your company’s products and services, embedded business intelligence, enriched social capabilities, and more.

This transition eliminates capital expenses and allows your business to move away from large implementations to instead receive seamlessly-delivered upgrades. In short, a move to Oracle Cloud ERP delivers measurable results in crucial ways.

ERP Cloud

Cloud Transformation

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    Improved Security

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    Better Performance than ever

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    Increased Speed to Market

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    Lower Platform Costs

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    Stellar Collaboration

Procurement Cloud

Moving your procurement software to the Cloud gives your company the ability to provide a consistently good experience for people who manage your procurement activities. Transitioning to the Cloud also allows you to laser-focus on supplier management, driving product quality forward at a lower cost. You can benefit from the full functionality of procurement systems while leveraging your current ERP investments.

Additional benefits of moving procurement to the Cloud include an enhanced ability to evaluate and pre-qualify vendors, identifying and excluding high-risk ones; maintaining compliance and avoiding risk; and customizing when vendor collaboration can begin in the process.

EPM Cloud & SCM Cloud

The EPM Cloud provides your company with an extremely reliable way to gather real-time information and analyze predictive metrics to confidently make decisions and monitor business success. In the Oracle EPM Cloud, cumbersome manual processes are automated, which helps to greatly reduce errors that cut into your bottom line to create a streamlined process for boosted productivity. Additional benefits of the transition to the Cloud include reduced cash conversion, planning, and budgeting cycles; improved forecasting; strategic alignments; and much more. Overall, your company will get results more quickly with seamlessly aligned operations at a reduced total cost of ownership.

Benefits of moving supply chain planning to the Cloud are numerous, including increased forecast accuracy; inventory level reduction; constrained supply plans; reduced planning cycle times; increased visibility across the entire supply chain; and increased planner productivity. The SCM Cloud allows your company to seamlessly align demand and supply so you can make better planning decisions more quickly. These decisions can be made with visibility across the entire value chain. So, from identifying barriers to business growth to analyzing new product impact and potential cannibalization, the supply chain Cloud allows you to strategically increase speed to market at optimal pricing.

PPM Cloud

When your company moves its PPM functions to the Cloud, you can effectively achieve your business goals, both operational and financial, while tackling industry challenges. Oracle PPM Cloud solutions give you the ability to centrally analyze methods, processes, and technologies, managing them in an optimal way. More specifically, you can manage complex contracts and performance in real time; address union payrolls and prevailing wage issues; handle equipment telematics and preventative maintenance; conduct competitive and cost analyses; align costs with revenue at a contract level; collaborate with vendors; adhere to regulations, including governmental and industry-specific ones; and so much more.

HCM Cloud

With a powerful human capital management Cloud solution, your company benefits from broad, deep functionality. Oracle HCM Cloud facilitates easy access of information for precisely the people who need that information, boosting productivity throughout your company. Your human resource team can maximize productivity by having high visibility into how each person spends time, including by a particular job or activity, by department. The HCM Cloud helps your company to stay in regulatory compliance, including wage and hour rules; payroll tax requirements; Affordable Care Act specifics; and more. Meanwhile, employees have ready access to their own payroll and personnel data.

PaaS Cloud

Platform as a Service eliminates the need for your company to purchase in-house hardware or to install new software when creating or running a new application. This streamlined process allows your company to innovate more quickly—which is crucial in today’s ultra-fast and competitive business environment. You can quickly scale up or down as you take advantage of today’s best technology and fill in application gaps that have been created when significant customization has taken place. By utilizing the PaaS Cloud, this frees up your in-house teams to spend their time on optimizing your applications, allowing your company to maximize human talent.