JD Edwards Cloud Integration for Your Business

The broad platform of JD Edwards provides a full spectrum of cloud integration options with other Oracle applications, third-party solutions, and Oracle Cloud ERP. When it’s time to implement your solution, you’ll want our experience and unique approach on your side.

Cloud Solutions Provide Breakthrough Value

The JD Edwards Cloud integration experience of ArganoCSS benefits your company in multiple ways, as implementation is tailored specifically to your business needs.

ArganoCSS has created a comprehensive system that customizes the way we combine JD Edwards ERP with complementary cloud components. This provides best-practice contemporary solutions for your project execution, expense management, and procurement systems.

We are an Oracle Cloud Select partner in the Oracle Partner Network and among the first to integrate JD Edwards with cloud solutions.

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Benefits of Our Optimized JD Edwards Solutions

Benefits of our JD Edwards cloud integration include:

  • Faster integration times
  • Quick response times to market and partner communities
  • Public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud options
  • Embedded business intelligence
  • Enriched social capabilities
  • Easy access to the cloud through mobile devices
  • Measurable results

The ArganoCSS Cloud Advantage

Our cloud solutions bring strategic, modern solutions to your organization.

  • We are one of the first in Oracle’s Partner community to market a cloud hybrid approach for on-premise applications.
  • We customize solutions, ranging from hybrid to stand-alone cloud implementation options.
  • Our consultants combine the very best in Oracle wisdom with hands-on, deep industry and application knowledge.
  • We ensure that a senior consultant works on every job, one with an average of 20 years of Oracle experience.
  • Our low turnover provides assurance of resource consistency in cloud implementation.

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JD Edwards Cloud Integration FAQs

Integrating your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP solution has demonstrated business value and provides measurable results, contributing to your company’s growth, efficiency, and profitability. In today’s ultra-competitive world, companies of all sizes must nimbly respond to changing market conditions, regulations, emerging technologies, and more. And moving JD Edwards to the Cloud provides businesses with the agility they need to do just that. Better yet, this happens in a low-risk environment with a reduced total cost of operations.

Benefits also include faster integration times without the need for downtimes associated with application upgrades. This in turn facilitates enhanced innovations and quicker to-market response times—both crucial for a competitive edge—along with faster responses to suppliers, customers, partner communities, and much more.

Oracle Cloud can provide a development and test environment for your IT professionals without disrupting business operations. Plus, with your enterprise resource planning solution in the Cloud, your company can benefit from the scalability, both up and down, based upon changing supply chain demand. Additional benefits include embedded business intelligence, enriched social capabilities, ease of collaboration, easy access through mobile devices, and more.

A key benefit of the hybrid Cloud for your JD Edwards ERP solution is that your IT team can develop and test applications in the Cloud while your company continues to use the application for business operations. The Oracle Cloud platform supports this dual usage, which makes it doubly powerful for companies.

In general, the hybrid Cloud can work well for companies that have multiple workloads to manage. Some workloads might fit best in a public environment (for example, when your IT team needs to collaborate) while others would work better in a private Cloud (such as when you need to protect sensitive client data). No matter your situation, the hybrid Cloud allows you to manage workloads in the environment that’s most appropriate.

As your company discusses the optimal way to integrate JD Edwards to the Cloud, it can also be an ideal time to maximize the power of your technology, overall. The Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS provide businesses like yours with customized recommendations that dovetail with your company’s unique challenges and opportunities—providing ones that boost performance while reducing costs and streamlining efficiency.

Graniterock is a good case study to use. This engineering and construction material company has been a long-time JD Edwards user, having upgraded to JDE EnterpriseOne. They struggled with challenges, though, associated with budgeting and financial forecasting. They were using manual spreadsheets and outdated budgeting tools, which meant their visibility was extremely limited, which hindered accuracy.

To streamline planning and facilitate visibility across the enterprise, ArganoCSS consultants brought the Oracle EPM Cloud into Graniterock’s technology footprint. In fact, this Cloud solution was implemented, integrated with JD Edwards, and lived in fewer than eight weeks. This gave our client a modern platform that reduced the total cost of ownership while providing them with a solution that’s powerful now and scalable into the future, positioning them well for future phase rollouts.

Fully integrating JD Edwards into the Cloud provides businesses with the most powerful transformation, with these applications being so flexible that JD Edwards can also be integrated in stages if that’s most practical for a company.

Our experienced professionals specialize in JD Edwards implementation, integration, and upgrades—and our Oracle consultants also specialize in the Oracle Cloud. More specifically, we are a 2017 Oracle Award Winner for Getting Customers to 9.2, implementing JD Edwards from the very beginning. Our JD Edwards team is one of the largest JDE-dedicated teams in the industry, and no one has more experience. Not even Oracle.

When it comes to JD Edwards, we create complete architected solutions and precisely fill in the gaps, including through the use of Oracle Cloud solutions. ArganoCSS is one of the very first in Oracle’s Partner community to market a Cloud hybrid approach for on-premise applications and we combine the very best in Oracle wisdom with a hands-on approach that’s crafted by experts who have deep industry and application knowledge.

ArganoCSS consultants learn about your unique enterprise and then craft a customized solution. A senior consultant works on every job and our low turnover ensures resource consistency for your company. To get started, please contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705 today.

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