Reduce IT Costs with JD Edwards Implementation by ArganoCSS

JD Edwards is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system of choice for top companies across the country and around the world and has been for more than 30 years. We have been implementing JD Edwards since the beginning and have the largest dedicated JD Edwards team available.


The Right JD Edwards Implementation for A Holistic Approach to IT

As an Oracle partner, we are also one of the very first in Oracle’s partner network to implement JD Edwards with Oracle Cloud solutions in a hybrid or “step” environment. Our JD Edwards implementation team provides premier Oracle understanding plus deep industry knowledge and a hands-on approach to keep your enterprise moving forward. When you’re at the implementation stage, you’ll want our experience on your side. We provide breakthrough value with up to a 30 percent decrease in overhead costs.

For example, changes in the organizational structure, such as a merger, can mean data on multiple platforms that need to be integrated. Whether it’s an accelerated implementation or multi-phased process, ArganoCSS can step you into the Cloud while ensuring you leverage the robust power of JD Edwards. With a hybrid cloud option, your company will receive all the same benefits with our Change Management approach as when you transition to one platform in one phase. Whether your upgrade is considered big or small, we will tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and optimize your business value to the fullest.

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Customized JD Edwards Implementations

Each organization has unique dynamics, making JD Edwards’ broad platform with a full spectrum of integration options an excellent choice. And ArganoCSS consultants for JD Edwards work with you in partnership to leverage the platform, whether you are integrating with other Oracle applications, Oracle Cloud ERP, or other third-party solutions.

ArganoCSS customizes each service we offer. Using our integrated Change Management Project implementation methodology, we follow these four steps:

  • Gain an understanding of your specific business challenges
  • Create recommendations to help solve your challenges and suit your needs—today and in the future
  • Implement the solution
  • Provide on-call technical and/or functional support, 24/7
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“We’ve been very pleased with ArganoCSS’s skill and expertise on this project. Their knowledge base with the solution and in the construction industry is unlike any other business partner we’ve encountered.”

– Dave Spaker, Skanska Civil

JD Edwards Implementation FAQs

No two companies are alike—and their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation plans and processes shouldn’t be, either. That’s why Oracle consultants at CSS work closely with each client to gain clarity about specific business challenges and goals, technologies, and processes used and much more.

As part of this process, it makes sense for your company to organize an internal project team, comprised of people from corporate executives, plus IT professionals and end-users of the application from a range of departments.

That way, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what’s working well and what’s not from a variety of perspectives, and you’ll also be creating buy-in for the implementation as solutions are devised to meet as-of-yet unmet needs.

Using knowledge gleaned from your project team and our conversations with your company, ArganoCSS consultants will make customized recommendations to address today’s challenges and position you well for the future. We will work with you to implement and integrate the broad JD Edwards platform, integrating it in a way to maximize your technology, whether that’s with other Oracle applications, third-party solutions, or Oracle ERP Cloud. We provide 24/7 on-call technical and/or functional support, as well.

To discuss your JD Edwards implementation needs, contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705.

The short answer is: very closely! In more depth, we break down the process into five key stages.

  • Define the implementation project: This is where we work with you to discuss your company’s statement of work and work plan, as well as your budget. We use what we learn to conduct the initial stages of our project planning. We determine what resources you’ll need for your unique implementation and share recommendations with you. At this point, we’ll review processes internally and check-in with you to make sure we’re meeting or exceeding expectations.
  • Design the implementation: More detailed, in-depth planning occurs here, and we offer functional and technical design workshops, conduct a project kickoff, address security planning, and more—also checking in with your company to make sure your questions are answered and we’re meeting or exceeding your expectations.
  • Build the JD Edwards applications: Now it’s time for us to set up applications, validate configurations and data, implement security, and much more. We’ll prepare a cutover strategy, which takes place when the transition from your old system to the modern JD Edwards solution takes place.
  • Validate processes, data, and more: Yes! More validations. This is also when we conduct a comprehensive review of all that’s been done, from end to end, in-depth and detailed. We’ll create a training plan customized to your specific needs, conduct the training, and more. Before we deploy, we’ll make sure that you’re satisfied with everything to date.
  • Deploy the JD Edwards technology: We’ll conduct a readiness assessment and then it’s the big go-live moment! We provide go-live support and offer managed services that will continue to give your company ongoing and instant access to our industry knowledge, technical skills, and more.

As part of your implementation planning, it makes sense to consider the benefits of the Cloud. With ArganoCSS, this migration will be faster, more streamlined, and more cost-effective than it’s ever been—and when your JD Edwards ERP solution is in the Cloud, your company will benefit from a continuous delivery model where ongoing updates are delivered without the need for separate upgrading processes. This eliminates the type of business disruption associated with discrete application upgrades.

As with any of our implementations, experienced Oracle consultants will analyze your company’s unique challenges, goals, opportunities, and more, along with your systems and structures, processes, and procedures. Then, we’ll recommend a customized plan that supports growth—with our goal being to transform your business.

ArganoCSS has a proven approach to getting you from JD Edwards to Cloud. Our JD Edwards to Cloud (JDE2C®) offers options — from full transformation to adding Cloud by module, line of business, or business unit. The path to the Cloud is within reach. In addition to our experience with Cloud, ArganoCSS was also awarded the Oracle Award for ‘Getting Customers to 9.2 with Success,’ and we have a highly proficient JD Edwards team — the largest JDE-dedicated team in the business. In fact, no one has more experience with implementing this ERP solution, not even Oracle. Our dedicated team offers a holistic, customized approach, implementing this solution in a way that dovetails with your business needs. This can mean an accelerated implementation or one that’s more complex, with multiple implementation phases. With ArganoCSS, you can count on resource continuity throughout the project, with a senior consultant assigned to you.

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