Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrades

Oracle E-Business Suite is at the core of your technology footprint, so you need to ensure those solutions fit your business goals and processes. Whether you need a fixed-scope upgrade, a technical upgrade, or a multi-phased transformational upgrade that may include Cloud integration, you’ll want ArganoCSS experience on your side. Not all upgrades are equal, but this fact is universal: We will have a solution that fits your needs.

Proven Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Approaches

You probably already know that upgrading your E-Business Suite package can help maximize your investment, and the professional consultants at ArganoCSS will provide change management services throughout the process. That way, you can continue to align your business processes with modules without interruption. Services range from regular routine upgrades to keep your business current to those where ArganoCSS identifies value-added items to preserve and others to retire. This provides modernization within a fixed scope. This is a solution of choice when customization brings value, but the costs of development and testing are significant.

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Customized Oracle EBS Solutions

Perhaps you need a simple technical upgrade to add new features to your system. We can provide fixed-scope solutions with shorter go-live times. Or, you may need a multi-phased upgrade process, segmented by geography, line of business, or module, or a combination. If so, count on ArganoCSS to provide change management, proceeding in a way to minimize risk. Some more complex upgrades may require de-customization, leveraging out-of-the-box functionality to lower TCO. Also, count on ArganoCSS for re-implementation that accommodates current business models and incorporates best practices.

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ArganoCSS Advantage on Your Side

ArganoCSS is a specialized, award-winning partner in the Oracle Partner Network and a leading Oracle-only systems integrator. Our consultants provide solutions for mid- and large-sized companies in numerous industries, using a hands-on, customized approach. A senior consultant will be assigned to work with you from start to finish, providing resource consistency and deep industry leadership and guidance. Senior consultants typically have an average of 20 years of Oracle experience.

If you have questions or if it’s time for an Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade, call 1-800-814-7705.

Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrades FAQs

First, our Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) consulting team recognizes how no two companies have the same upgrade needs. So, we provide tailored solutions across the upgrading spectrum. These range from simple technical solutions to complex upgrades, and everywhere in between for mid-sized, large, and enterprise-sized companies across multiple industries.

Sometimes, companies are ready to benefit from additional EBS features and functionalities, and these upgrades are typically straightforward. As another form of a straightforward upgrade, a fixed-scope solution is sometimes needed.

On the other side of the spectrum, you may need an EBS upgrade with more complex requirements. These can include de-customizations so your company can fully benefit from out-of-the-box functionalities contained within this enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Or, perhaps you’ll need multi-phased upgrades. These can be segmented in multiple ways, depending upon business needs. Examples of segmentation can include by module, line of business, or geography.

As part of your EBS upgrade, consider talking to our Oracle consultants about moving your application to the Cloud. Benefits are significant, ranging from faster integration times with reduced costs, quicker response to market capabilities, and much more.

To discuss how we can help your business with an Oracle EBS upgrade, please contact us online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

Best practices span six major phases of an Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) upgrade. Step one is to carefully evaluate the business case for the upgrade, with step two involving the development of a project plan that minimizes business interruption with inputs from key stakeholders across the company. Step three is the actual technical upgrade, and accompanying tests. Step four of best practices are focused on functional testing of the EBS upgrade; step five involves end-user adoption; and the final step, number six, is the actual cutover to production.

Throughout the upgrade, the focus is placed on security standards, regulatory compliance issues, and more. Note that companies that upgrade their EBS solution can often reduce regulatory burdens.

To ensure a comprehensive upgrade, EBS consultants at ArganoCSS use specialized evaluation tools using a “heat map” that detects customizations and assesses their impact on the application. We also use special migration tools to seamlessly facilitate the process.

Our Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS also specialize in transitioning EBS to the Cloud. Let’s talk! You can contact us online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

Benefits of transitioning your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to the Oracle Cloud are numerous. They include the ability to respond nimbly to business challenges for growth. With your E-Business Suite (EBS) application in the Cloud, you can immediately receive and seamlessly adapt to new features and functionalities. Risk factors as reduced, with your total cost of operations lowered. You can manage regulatory issues in the Oracle Cloud and so much more.

As an Oracle Cloud Go-to Partner, ArganoCSS EBS consultants are positioned to work alongside your company to exponentially increase the power of your technology by moving your EBS to the Cloud. We work closely with mid-sized, large, and enterprise-sized companies to create tailored Cloud transition strategies, ones that dovetail with your business needs and challenges, goals and opportunities, processes, procedures, and more.

Please contact us online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

We’re an award-winning specialized partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), providing E-Business Suite (EBS) solutions to mid-sized, large, and enterprise-sized businesses in multiple industries. EBS consultants at ArganoCSS offer solutions across the entire lifecycle of Oracle solutions. So, for example, as we upgrade your EBS enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, and integrate it with your technology, we offer change management services. We also offer ongoing managed services (“ERP support”) for your EBS solution, with technical and functional support available 24/7/365.

Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS also specialize in moving EBS applications to the Cloud, where you can maximize the power of your technology at reduced costs.

No matter where your upgrade falls on the spectrum, from simple to complex, here’s our promise: you’ll have resource continuity, with your project led by a highly experienced senior consultant. Let’s talk about how we can help. Contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705.

Please contact us online or call 1-800-814-7705 to discuss your business needs. We’ll recommend a customized solution to extend your technology footprint.

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