Oracle EBS Cloud Integration

Boost business agility by adding EBS Cloud to your EBS core. When you combine the power of Oracle’s E-Business Suite with the capabilities of the Cloud, you exponentially increase the agility of your business. This allows you to nimbly respond to challenges, ranging from globalization issues to acquisitions and divestitures. You can manage regulatory changes and much more.

Benefits of Oracle EBS Cloud Integration

No two businesses have the exact same needs and, as an Oracle Cloud Go-To Partner, we will work closely with your business to determine precisely what you need and then partner with you to design the best cloud integration path.

With our in-depth Oracle Cloud Application experience, we understand the benefits of each Cloud solution, providing what will benefit your organization the most. Our highly customized upgrades will give you the latest features and functionality for order management, supply chain functionality, procurement, financial management, and much more.

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Additional Benefits of EBS Cloud Integration

The combination of E-Business Suite with the cloud provides robust support for business growth, with the added benefits of lower costs and risks. As your processes change, you can seamlessly adapt to new applications and/or technologies.

Your IT team can quickly respond to changes without interruption of daily operations, scaling up infrastructure as needed without the need for your company to pay upfront for additional capital expenditures. The IT team will also appreciate the ability to quickly manage issues in the development and test environments.

Flexibility of Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Solutions

If your business also uses third-party components in your Oracle E-Business Suite application, these can seamlessly be deployed on the cloud. Your business can host the applications that are integrated into your system while enjoying faster integration times and measurable results.

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Oracle EBS Cloud Integration FAQs

Our Oracle EBS consultants work closely with your company to integrate your E-Business Suite (EBS) application into the Oracle Cloud. We are an Oracle Cloud Go-to Partner with in-depth experience in Oracle, EBS, and Cloud solutions, and in using this powerful combination to exponentially increase the agility of your company—whether it’s medium-sized, large, or an enterprise.

Benefits of integrating EBS with the Oracle Cloud include the ability to:

  • nimbly respond to challenges and enable robust growth
  • receive immediate access and seamlessly adapt to new applications and technologies
  • reduce risks
  • experience lower total costs of operation
  • manage regulatory issues and much more

We recognize that no two companies have the same needs and challenges, or goals and opportunities, so our EBS consultants work right alongside you to create tailored solutions that dovetail with your requirements.

To get started, please contact our EBS consultants online today or call 1-800-814-7705.

The short answer is maximizing the power of your technology. Key features of this integration include embedded business intelligence and enriched social capabilities, with easy access to the application through mobile devices while still leveraging the power of EBS.

As far as specific benefits, whether you need a private, public, or hybrid solution, they include:

  • faster integration times with quicker response capabilities to market/partner communities
  • enhanced abilities of the IT team to use development and test environments to increase knowledge and address key issues without operational interruptions
  • flexibility and scalability
  • the ability to nimbly respond to business challenges, including globalization issues, divestitures, acquisitions, regulatory changes and much more
  • measurable results

All of this and more can often be accomplished without the need for your company to pay upfront for additional capital expenditures. Plus, Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS can deploy third-party components in your EBS system to the Oracle Cloud. This means your company can host applications that are system integrated while still receiving benefits from the Cloud transition.

ArganoCSS is an award-winning specialized partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), a Cloud Service Track Partner, and a leading Oracle-only systems integrator. We provide E-Business Suite (EBS) and Cloud solutions for mid-sized, large, and enterprise-sized companies in multiple industries—and our highly experienced team offers solutions across the lifecycle of your Oracle solutions. So, while integrating your EBS with the Oracle Cloud, for example, we also offer change management services. We offer ongoing application support services, as well, with our professional team serving as an extension of your business. Here’s our promise: a senior consultant with deep industry knowledge and experience will work on your project, and our low turnover resources will provide you with consistency from start to finish.

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The reality is that, when we integrate your EBS and Cloud solutions, we will fully optimize their technical integration and performance. Where risk lies is in end-user adoption, and how quickly and effectively this occurs. And, although assembling a quality project management team is a key step in this integration, organizational change management (OCM) goes significantly beyond that to help your most valuable asset—human resources—embrace and maximize their use of this integrated technology. In fact, in our experience, some companies have reached a return on investment of 140% when this process is optimized.

We’ve been refining our OCM for nearly 25 years now, leveraging our certified psychologist and integrating behavioral and neuropsychology in the ways projects are delivered by our professional team. When OCM is included in project delivery, your odds of being on time and on budget—as well as fully meeting business objectives—are significantly increased.

ERP support, meaning managed services for EBS, provides your company with a continuous service model. Benefits include faster, more seamless updates with lower costs and shorter time to value. On-call support is available 24/7/365 and companies can experience up to a 30 percent decrease in overhead costs overall while benefiting from expert resources, both functional and technical. You benefit from complete continuity with dedicated specialists assigned to you.

When you work with our experienced Oracle managed service professionals at ArganoCSS, your team can focus more on growing your business. Our team, meanwhile, will focus on efficiency improvements in your technology, finding cost savings opportunities, and maximizing service reliability and consistency.

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