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Integrating Supply Chain Management Cloud with On-Premise Oracle ERP

Multiple advantages exist for hosting your supply chain management solution in the Cloud. These include a lower total cost of ownership even if other enterprise costs are rising, plus business agility and an intuitive, configurable usage. Cloud solutions allow you to quickly and easily innovate while harnessing the power of analytics, providing vendors, suppliers, and customers with the best possible experience. And, you can receive all those benefits while still maintaining your on-premise Oracle ERP solution.

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CSS solves your biggest business challenges

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    Identifying business growth barriers

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    Demand planning

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    New product impact/cannibalization & proliferation

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    Speed to market

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    Accurate forecasting

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    Production capacity

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    Price performance

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    Supply Chain Planning

Integrations and Journeys

Enterprises benefit greatly from using Oracle ERP applications, so they are understandably reluctant to change their current system to take advantage of new applications and services. Some customers, therefore, integrate their supply chain Cloud with their on-premise Oracle ERP, intending this to be a longstanding strategy. Others are moving business functions individually and incrementally into the Cloud, while still others are keeping their corporate functions on-premise but moving smaller centers or plants to the Cloud. No matter which you choose, we can help.

The CSS Oracle Advantage

Our experienced consultants have an average of 20 years of experience and deep industry knowledge in supply chain management, combining the very best in Oracle wisdom with hands-on insights. Our goal is to always keep your business moving forward as we help you to address day-to-day issues. Because of our low turnover, you can count on resource consistency throughout.

Holistic Supply Chain Solutions

Whenever applications need to be integrated, it’s important to fill in all the gaps, and this is especially true when the Cloud is being integrated with an on-premise solution. Fortunately, when it comes to implementing supply chain solutions, we identify the gaps and fill them in a way that integrates your processes and provides excellent visibility across the supply chain. We also collaborate with Oracle to create new industry-specific tools, when needed.