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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consulting

As your supply chains evolve, it’s crucial to revisit the strategies in place for your logistics, breaking them down by geography, by product line, by customer and more. Strong supply chains must also be flexible to accommodate the continuing changes in your supply chain, so it’s important to review how you structure and implement your logistics strategies. CSS can help.

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CSS solves your biggest business challenges

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    Identifying business growth barriers

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    Demand planning

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    New product impact/cannibalization & proliferation

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    Speed to market

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    Accurate forecasting

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    Production capacity

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    Price performance

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    Supply Chain Planning

Crucial Role of Logistics Management

Your supply chain logistics strategy should contribute to your company’s high-level goals. Analyzing each step of your logistics processes will allow you to pinpoint where there are breakdowns in the system to allow you to fix problems and streamline your entire value chain operation. Do you have enough warehouses? Are they located in optimal spots? If not, what changed and how should your distribution center strategy be adjusted? How will this impact the roles of the people on your logistics teams?

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Implementation

Successful supply chain logistics strategies are implemented throughout the entire enterprise, with the information technology systems dovetailing with your processes and procedures. Change management plans are crucial to get buy-in throughout your organization, with policies carefully examined to determine where changes should be made. Again, CSS professionals can help.

Using the Cloud for Logistics Management

Whether you transport by truck, boat, train or plane, benefits of the cloud include:

  • The ability to manage all warehouse needs and transportation modes
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Ensuring compliance with global regulations
  • The ability to see into your supply chain
  • Deploying rapidly
  • Staying connected with your logistics team throughout the supply chain

Oracle’s SCM Solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Our consultants combine the very best in Oracle wisdom with hands-on experience across industries and deep industry knowledge. We can simplify your supply chain management logistics systems and strategies so you can boost productivity and streamline your processes, routes and more. Put your company on the fast track of ideation and innovation with CSS and Oracle’s SCM logistics platform.

Choose the CSS Advantage

No two logistics systems are the same, which is why CSS customizes Oracle enterprise solutions to fit your precise needs. You will no longer need to have different logistics tracking and data collection methodologies for different countries, product lines, or customers. Instead, we can provide you with holistic logistics management solutions that fill in the gaps as we integrate your value chain processes. Let us help you align supply and demand to boost visibility across your entire supply chain.

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