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Supply Chain Management Implementation

The business environment in the 21st century is ultra-competitive, with streamlined, highly efficient supply chains often making the difference between success and mediocrity, even failure. Large- to enterprise-sized corporations often face competition from small, nimble startups, creating the necessity of evolving supply chain management systems. Fortunately, Oracle provides cutting-edge tools to allow you to make excellent decisions across the entire value chain.

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CSS solves your biggest business challenges

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    Identifying business growth barriers

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    Demand planning

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    New product impact/cannibalization & proliferation

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    Speed to market

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    Accurate forecasting

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    Production capacity

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    Price performance

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    Supply Chain Planning

Core Component of Logistics Management

Having key stakeholders understand the importance of maximizing the management of your value chain is crucial. At CSS, we share why each management change is recommended, as well as the impact on people and processes, and we lay out how this implementation process will take place, step by step.

Crucial Role of Supply Chain Management

A recent supply chain leadership study indicates that companies that consider their supply chains strategic assets and position them appropriately deliver 70 percent more effectively than peers who don’t value their supply chains in this way. Seventy-nine percent of people identified as supply chain leaders stated how their revenue growth was “significantly” above their industries’ averages. Effectively managing the supply chain is clearly a crucial element in today’s successful enterprises. 

Benefits of Logistics Management in the Cloud

Using the cloud for logistics management offers multiple advantages, including:

  • Faster implementations
  • Cost savings
  • Improved customer service
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Productivity improvements
  • Added security
  • Assists in reaching business objectives

Oracle’s SCM Supply Chain Management Solution

If you’re ready to boost your productivity lifecycle management, streamline logistics management in global trade, and put your company on the fast track with ideation and innovation, then consider implementing Oracle’s SCM Cloud Solution. Our consultants combine the very best in Oracle wisdom with deep industry knowledge, gained through hands-on experience. Keep your business moving forward!

Choose the CSS Advantage

Oracle enterprise solutions can be customized to fit your company’s precise supply chain management needs. We collaborate with Oracle to offer holistic logistics management solutions that integrate your processes and fill in the gaps. Our experienced consultant team can help your business increase demand forecasting accuracy, and reduce inventory levels and planning cycle times, all while boosting visibility across the entire supply chain. Let us help align demand and supply for your company.

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Supply Chain Management Cloud Events

CSS is implementing Supply Chain Management Cloud at College Board to manage their end-to-end supply chain processes. Click to hear their story in a recorded Webcast.

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