Oracle SCM Cloud for JDE & EBS

Strong supply chains require strategic logistics management in multiple ways, including ones broken down by geography, by customer, by product line, and more. It’s crucial to review your strategies periodically, and when you use on-premise enterprise resource planning solutions—whether JD Edwards or E-Business Suite—ArganoCSS consultants can help you flexibly accommodate your evolving supply chain and restructure it to dovetail with today’s needs.

Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management Services

Whether you currently run JD Edwards or Oracle E-Business Suite as your core ERP, either powerful platform can take on Cloud to strengthen the core.ArganoCSS Oracle consultants can help you determine if you’re ready to go to the next level with Supply Chain Management Cloud because we have deep industry knowledge, across industries, allowing us to simplify supply chain management logistics and thereby boost enterprise productivity and streamline systems, processes, and strategies. We’re offering a complimentary assessment to help you get to supply chain excellence.

You can start by looking at areas of your supply chain that need the most attention. We’re offering a customized assessment for organizations considering taking their supply chain processes to the next level with Cloud. Choose three areas that best pertain to you and we’ll map out a plan.

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Oracle EBS Supply Chain Consulting by ArganoCSS

LiDestri Foods, Inc., was manually tracking demand management activities, which was cumbersome with significant error potential. Plus, no automated reporting existed. To improve demand management, it turned to the Oracle EBS supply chain management consultants at ArganoCSS.

Our Oracle consulting team ultimately recommended and implemented the standard Supply Chain Planning Cloud and integrated it with E-Business Suite release 12.1.3, rolling out this solution to six LiDestri facilities in four states. Here’s more about what our Oracle consultants accomplished for LiDestri when modernizing the company’s footprint, including significant cost savings.

LiDestri Case Study

JD Edwards Supply Chain Consulting by ArganoCSS

Acme Brick was also using manual entry and needed a more streamlined solution for supply, demand, and sales and operations planning. This brick and masonry company uses JD Edwards, and the Oracle consultants as ArganoCSS implemented an approach that took 22 weeks to go live.

The unified approach chosen leveraged the power of its on-premise enterprise resource planning solution drove efficiency forward and elevated Acme Brick’s technology footprint overall. Here’s more about what our Oracle consultants accomplished for Acme as it modernized and integrated solutions, including lower TCO, unified supply and demand generation, and improved response time.

Acme Brick Case Study

Streamlining Supply Chain Logistics Strategies

When supply chain logistics are optimized, they contribute significantly to the achievement of enterprise goals. Analyses provided by ArganoCSS will:

  • Pinpoint supply chain breakdowns
  • Fix challenges and gaps
  • Streamline your value chain operation from start to finish
  • Benefit your enterprise significantly, even exponentially, from this streamlined approach
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Oracle SCM Cloud FAQs

This term describes when Cloud-based technology is used to manage and optimize a company’s supply chain. Managing your company’s supply chain in the Cloud has numerous benefits, including:

  • facilitating product delivery to clients, which boosts the quality of customer service and helps to build loyalty
  • reducing your operating costs through flexible, well-designed supply networks that can meet demand, on time and in the most affordable ways
  • enhancing trust all along the supply chain, from manufacturers to assemblers, and from logistics and warehousing professionals to retailers, direct customers and more
  • providing cost savings for valued partners all along the supply chain, in part by reducing the amount of time that inventory remains in warehouses
  • nimbly adjusting when supply chain interruptions occur, thanks to the high visibility provided by the SCM application
  • facilitating improved cost of goods, cash flow, and bottom line

Your company can customize logistics management in highly efficient ways, whether that’s by customer, geography, product line, or a combination of methods.

Additionally, when supply chain management is Cloud-based, technology upgrades are seamlessly implemented without the business interruption often experienced with upgrades of on-premise solutions.

Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS can transition your supply chain management technology to the Oracle Cloud in strategic ways that dovetail with your company’s needs and goals, challenges, and opportunities. Contact us online or call 800-814-7705 today.

Modules include:

  • Procurement: You can create a more effective procurement system with Oracle Procurement Cloud by standardizing source-to-pay procedures and then streamlining and automating them. (Note: This is actually part of the ERP Cloud but is typically considered to be part of supply chain management because of its function.)
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Using this module, your business can integrate product development and management (e.g., revisions management, obsolescence functions, and so forth) across your supply chain. This can accelerate your time to market while improving quality at reduced costs.
  • Supply Chain Planning: This module allows you to maximize today’s supply chain while also future-proofing it for tomorrow. Use it to boost profitability, speed up innovation, and nimbly address supply chain disruptions.
  • Supply Chain Orchestration: This is where supply orders are created, using demand-related information contained in Order Management and supply-related information contained in Global Order Processing.
  • Supply Chain Financial Orchestration: You can define financial orchestration business rules and run flows, both intercompany and intracompany. This allows your business to manage even the most complex global structures, financially speaking, while optimizing operational efficiencies.
  • Logistics: Meet evolving customer expectations across supply chains that continue to increase in complexity with this group of SCM modules: inventory, warehouse management, and transportation. Here, you can integrate these functions while remaining in compliance.
  • Manufacturing: This module empowers your company to optimize real-time decisions as you streamline manufacturing operations. This allows you to simplify operations while managing both quality and cost.
  • Quality: This quality management module facilitates the collection, distribution, and analysis of critical data throughout the entire supply chain. This allows your company to measure quality standards in product and process, to ensure specification conformance.
  • Maintenance: Your company can maximize maintenance operations and make real-time decisions about them. This allows you to oversee and boost the reliability of equipment and optimize safety and uptime, all at a reduced cost.

Here is a listing of even more Oracle supply chain management products.

“JDE SCM” refers to Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management. This application streamlines the supply chain process for companies from start to finish, meaning from initial sales forecasts until customers receive and acknowledge their orders. Your company can use JDE’s supply chain management modules to grow revenue and reduce costs in your manufacturing and distribution centers for the overall cost of goods improvements and, therefore, a better bottom line.

This technology allows you to model the full spectrum of scenarios for your supply chain, giving you high visibility into a range of possible supply and demand possibilities and challenges. You can also factor in costs for each scenario, allowing your company to confidently make data-driven decisions. Using this intelligence, your business can reduce inventory while optimizing fulfillment rates on tighter lead times.

Additional benefits include your ability to optimize supplier relationships to create a more flexible supply chain and receive proactive alerts to nimbly adjust course when interruptions occur. You can streamline procurement, enjoy improved purchasing power, expand market share, and much more. Here’s more about transitioning JD Edwards to the Cloud.

“EBS SCM” refers to the supply chain management applications included in Oracle’s E-Business Suite. EBS allows your business to operate from a single database, giving each of your users the ability to see relevant real-time data and make data-driven decisions. You can add the supply chain management technology to your EBS application to forecast demand, streamline product delivery, enhance innovation, nimbly adjust in response to supply chain disruptions, and much more.

Your company can model a wide range of potential supply and demand scenarios, with high visibility into the costs and benefits of each one. Using insights gleaned, your team can confidently make decisions, reducing inventory while also maximizing fulfillment on tighter lead times. Streamline procurement, expand purchasing power, increase market share, and much more with EBS supply chain management.

EBS supply chain management modules allow companies to lower costs while increasing revenue, contributing to an improved cost of goods. This in turn contributes to a more profitable bottom line.

Here is more information about transitioning EBS to the Cloud.

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