XpressTest for Oracle Cloud Applications

Reduce testing time by up to 70% with XpressTest – our new Oracle ERP testing tool and your all-in-one solution for managing Oracle’s quarterly cloud update process.

The Value of Automation

oracle erp esting tools with XpressTest

Your Oracle Cloud ERP/HCM/SCM system is updated every quarter, gaining valuable updates and new functionality. But, before those updates impact production, you need to know you won’t be impacted or how to mitigate any potential impacts. Manual testing is tedious and ripe for human error. Automating that testing provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings
  • Reproduceable Results
  • Auditable Documentation
  • Scalability

Tired of Testing? We Aren't.

XpressTest from ArganoCSS is the only comprehensive testing solution designed specifically for, and integrated with, Oracle’s Cloud ERP/HCM/SCM products, making your quarterly update process efficient and focused. Designed with the non-technical user in mind, XpressTest makes the creation, editing, scheduling and execution of testing as simple and efficient as possible.

Using the embedded “Data Repository”, your testing will become comprehensive to include all your data scenarios without tedious retesting requirements. The Data Repository also provides for scalability, enabling testing volumes to increase to levels not viable under a manual testing environment. Have a new business scenario? Just add some additional Data Repository records – no need to develop a new script.

Testing without detailed reporting output just doesn’t stand up to audit. XpressTest provides step-by-step, click-by-click detailed, date/time-stamped output to validate your testing was completed, comprehensive and successful.

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XpressTest Delivers Options

XpressTest is both a product and a service:

Comprehensive Solution

  • Outsource your quarterly update process to ArganoCSS
  • Release notes review with you
  • Comprehensive testing of all business scenarios
  • Mitigation of issues identified
  • Comprehensive reporting of results

License Our Tool

  • Use it yourself for your quarterly update testing
  • Use as-desired for additional testing needs such as testing business process changes, extensions, new development

Hybrid Model

  • Get the best of both worlds by using the tool yourself and outsourcing the recurring quarterly update process to ArganoCSS

Benefits of XpressTest

The benefits of using XpressTest to do automated functional testing are easy to realize. Subscribe or have ArganoCSS manage the process for you and realize these benefits.

Reproduceable Results

  • Testing is performed the same way each time – eliminating human error.


  • Easily add scenarios through repeatable sections and the data repository, execute negative tests to test error conditions, sequence tests and schedule the execution of tests.

Cost Savings

  • In addition to the aspects of scalability, Xpress Test comes with a predictable fixed cost.

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What Our Clients Say

“With help from ArganoCSS and XpressTest, we’re able to manage the Oracle Cloud quarterly update process faster and stay focused on our business needs. That’s a huge benefit. ”

– Kelly Castro, Assistant Corporate Controller at Generation Bio

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