On-Demand Webcast: The Performance Management Imperative: Delivering Predictive Insight with Oracle EPM

We’ve entered an era where data powers everything that we do. Being able to leverage solutions to provide predictive analytics means financial professionals can address challenges and implement strategic imperatives to improve analytic capabilities. Oracle’s EPM Cloud solution can help you drive action from your insights.

During the 1-hour on-demand webcast, Oracle, ArganoCSS, and the Director of the Master of Science in Analytics program at the Texas A&M University Mays Business School shared their insights on the need for predictive analytics and how Oracle EPM Cloud can apply.

Discussion topics include:

  • Challenges facing finance leaders and how analytics can address them
  • Capabilities that Oracle EPM Cloud brings to the table
  • How to prepare your workforce and address the shortage of analytic talent
  • How your organization gets started leveraging the data at hand

Watch the webcast