Why Business is Booming at Ply Gem Siding After an Upgrade to JDE 9.2

After upgrading to JDE 9.2, Ply Gem Siding (Cornerstone) was prepared to consolidate Materials Resource Planning across 9 facilities. In order to keep the big retailers stocked, they needed an automated scheduling and planning solution to plan products and buy raw materials to produce and distribute siding. Online calculations, total visibility across the supply chain, and global functionality meant this booming business could continue to grow, but with advanced technology solutions that also helped planners work remotely in our unique Covid circumstances.

In this webcast learn more about the requirements to implement Forecasting/MPS/MRP in a JDE environment while looking at the bigger picture of:

  • How it changes the landscape
  • How to implement a solution that accommodates current economic conditions and supports trends and growth
  • The unexpected benefits of a solution that—even in a pandemic—enables businesses to thrive
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