XpressTest: How to Leverage Automated Testing for Cost Savings, Error Reduction, and More

While the ability to regularly and easily update your ERP, HCM, and SCM systems is one of the best features of Oracle Cloud, the quarterly updates can still pose challenges. To avoid potential issues, your IT and business users need to test the changes to understand what will happen once the updates occur.

In this presentation, Kevin Jensen, CIO of Monrovia, shares their business case for how testing automation drove a reduction in operational costs and minimized the disruption in updates.

Key objectives of this presentation include:

  • Understanding the challenges posed by manual testing—the time it takes, the costs, and the potential for errors that cause further issues for your business.
  • Explaining the drivers behind testing automation and understanding the technical value of its automation including improved scalability and error reduction.
  • Provide a brief demonstration of ArganoCSS’s XpressTest service for test script automation and quarterly update release notes review.
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