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Leading distributors and logistic providers strive to provide their customers with a highly scalable e-commerce platform while at the same time offering superior customercentric services culminating in an exceptional brand experience. ArganoCSS services for Oracle solutions support those efforts.

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Changes in consumer buy habits and expectations have disrupted the wholesale distribution and logistics space. This includes creating a more sustainable and transparent supply chain utilizing IoT & AI, expanding the digitization of the industry, or simply getting better insights from your data. The Oracle consultants at ArganoCSS have vast experience in utilizing technology to support the digital transformation of the wholesale distribution and logistics industry. We know the problems you face, and we also know how to solve these problems.

As you think about how to incorporate intelligent technologies and push for efficiencies in your business interactions – such as digitally-assisted order management and pricing optimizations, consider a hybrid Cloud or transformational approach to help meet those needs and improve your brand.

Using Cloud to Add Value

Same Industry, Big Differences

Just because you share an industry classification, doesn’t mean you have the same needs from a technology standpoint. Logistics involves planning, designing, coordination, management, and improvement in the processes involving goods and resources, while Distribution would rely on functionality to optimize the physical movement of the product. We can apply specific functionality in the solution offering to best accommodate the unique needs, whether that’s in your core on-premise ERP or a Cloud-based solution. We offer services and consulting across the board for:


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Our Work in Distribution

ArganoCSS helped client Mizuno USA with its JD Edwards implementation, which supported fast growth in a crowded market. With buyers who have high expectations for technological sophistication, it was imperative that Mizuno implement a solution that modernized order tracking and inventory management.

Mizuno Article in Profit

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