Design, Construct & Operate

Whether you design, build, or own & operate, we have vast experience for Construction & Real Estate industries, because, like you, we’ve built, designed, owned & operated too. Using Cloud and on-premise, we construct complete solutions tailored for your specific needs.

Building a Greener World

The Oracle consultants at CSS have vast experience in utilizing technology to support the digital transformation of the design, build, own & operate industry. We know the problems you face, such as sustainabilty, and we also know how to solve these problems—using Oracle Cloud, on-premise or a combination of both. We create a complete solution that’s tailored to your business needs.

Green Construction, Worker Safety, or better visibility into project trends will have dramatic impact on your business. We have been recognized three times by Oracle for helping companies Empower the Green Enterprise and reach sustainability goals using technology. Select a partner who not only understands the day-to-day of your industry but can also help you reach corporate objectives and leverage solutions for sustainable use and growth.

Guide to Selecting an Oracle Partner

Same Industry, Big Differences

Just because you share an industry classification, doesn’t mean you have the same needs from a technology standpoint. We support unique services and consulting and offer Project Portfolio Management across the board for:

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Not Sure If You're Ready for Cloud?

CSS can help you determine if Cloud solutions apply to your needs. We are offering a fully guided, in-depth dialogue for organizations considering Cloud. A remote discussion with key stakeholders and considerations for factos affecting your business including:

  • New Customer Demands
  • New Competition
  • New Products / Portfolio
  • Organization Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Legislation

We’ll provide an honest, consultative perspective on how Cloud may impact your business.

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