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We are at the dawn of a new age for the Professional Services industry. Emerging technologies will allow forward-looking firms to grow revenue and become more profitable without increasing headcount. How can this be? Like most of the industries they work with, Professional Services needs to learn how to truly understand the services they offer, deconstruct the traditional large project mentality, and capitalize by leveraging digital services techniques.  

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Be the Change Your Clients Want

What today’s Pro Serv companies need to be thinking about are three things:

  • Outcome-based Projects: This is really what the clients are asking for, so how do we deliver this experience?
  • KaaS (Knowledge as a Service): Expertise at a moment’s notice and at the pace of the quickly changing customers’ needs.
  • Talent Enrichment: Increased focus on the employee experience that will improve employee engagement. True engagement happens when employees have positive relationships with both the firm and its clients.

As a professional services provider, we understand because we’ve been there. We live it, and we can help.

The Oracle consultants at CSS have vast experience in utilizing technology to support the digital transformation of the Professional Services space because we are a Professional Services firm as well. Whatever market you serve, whatever expertise you have, we know the problems you face, and we also know how to solve these problems — using Oracle Cloud in a hybrid or end-to-end environment we create a complete solution that’s tailored to your business needs to drive the transformation of the business.

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Same Industry, Big Differences

Just because you share an industry classification, doesn’t mean you have the same needs from a technology standpoint. We offer award-winning services and consulting across the board for:

  • Management Consulting
  • Accounting & Audit
  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Legal Design
  • IT Consulting

And because we’re also in the industry with you, we get it. We better understand how Cloud can be a force multiplier for efficiency in professional services because we’re also an Oracle Cloud client. This could be your year for a Cloud-first approach.

The Year of the Cloud First Approach in ERP Solutions

Not Sure If You're Ready for Cloud?

CSS can help you determine if Cloud solutions apply to your needs. We are offering a fully guided, in-depth dialogue for organizations considering Cloud. A remote discussion with key stakeholders and considerations for factors affecting your business including:

  • New Customer Demands
  • New Competition
  • New Products / Portfolio
  • Organization Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Legislation

We’ll provide an honest, consultative perspective on how Cloud may impact your business.

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