3 Ways Oracle Cloud Applications Improve Your Processes

When it comes to digital transformation, finding ways to improve your business processes is a natural starting point. Oracle’s cloud-based applications can close gaps in your workflow, improve performance, and provide additional data to enhance decision-making.

It’s a significant upgrade from the limited on-premise functionality familiar to many E-Business Suite Oracle customers. But how do you get there? The journey starts with an understanding of your big-picture objectives. What functional capabilities do you wish you had? What processes would benefit from automation? What processes remain overly complicated, take too long, or obscure insights that could further the business?

Oracle Cloud Applications can provide answers to these questions and so many more. Here are three ways that transitioning from EBS to the Oracle cloud suite can improve your business processes—saving time and money along the way.

Increase the capabilities to multiple functions. 

The beauty of cloud applications is that compared to legacy systems, they’re easier to install, upgrade, and integrate. Because of this, adding much-needed functions to your business processes is no longer a months-long endeavor. For example, Oracle’s cloud-based EPM allows users to get immediate insights into financial performance via real-time dashboards and improve planning with advanced predictive capabilities. Meanwhile, the Oracle SCM provides functions such as transportation intelligence and fleet management that offer improved visibility into your supply chain.

Optimize key business processes. 

If you’re not leveraging modern cloud applications, then the chances are high that you’re expending more resources than necessary across your business processes. With Oracle Cloud Applications, you can automate your AP and invoicing processes, for instance. Doing so eliminates manual tasks and can also speed up AP and AR cycles and even open up opportunities for savings via early payment rebates. Other processes that benefit from optimization and automation include project resource planning, record-to-report, and plan-to-produce. 

Replace complex customizations.

It’s not uncommon for organizations running on legacy systems such as EBS to create complicated workarounds and customizations or rely on manual processes to complete critical tasks. The Oracle cloud suite enables you to replace customizations and manual work with streamlined applications. The solutions are easy to use—there’s little training required. What’s more, moving from legacy software to the cloud means your organization will experience less downtime and disruption related to software upgrades.

Each of these three benefits is powerful on its own. But together, they provide the opportunity to modernize your business processes and improve efficiency across your organization. You’ll lower the total cost of ownership for your technology solutions and recoup your investment in cloud applications 2.5 times faster than with on-premise software.

The processes behind your business are your business. Improve them, and the performance of your company will likely improve as well.  

If you’re interested in learning more about why cloud applications make sense, download the latest ArganoCSS ebook, Is EBS to Oracle Cloud Applications Your Next Logical Upgrade?